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  1. J

    FIXED KitchenAid Washer KAWS677EQ0 Which pole does the red wire go on the capacitor?

    Kitchenaid KAWS677EQ0, Motor- 3350418, Capacitor- Mallory K3 - 324-389MFD I didn;t mark the locations when I took off the capacitor. Where does the red wire go? Does it matter? The other is a dbl white wire. I may have to replace it, The new one is D3- Whirlpool WP8572720. I don't see any...
  2. R

    hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq.Ft dehumidifier. Compressor overheats and not dehumidifying!!!

    Hi All, I would like to find an easy way to fix my dehumidifier from Homelabs. I bought this from Amazon 2 years ago and it's out of warranty now. I have 2 of them at home and one isn't dehumidifying at all. The one currently not dehumidifying bought it in 2020 which is a new one. Bought in...
  3. C

    GDF530PGM0CC GE Dishwasher - Quick Fix GE UI Board dead randomly turns on

    GE Dishwasher UI Board quick fix Remove the capacitor right next to the connector on the UI board. 220mf 25v. YES remove it , replacing the bad cap does not fix the issue. For all of those who have a dead UI board try this. It's a smoothing capacitor I'm assuming. No harm removing it at your own...
  4. P

    1999 Frigidaire 9950 btu ac tries to start and hangs

    Tries to start but hangs up, fails and retries. I've swapped cap with one I believe to be good. Still hangs up. I changed the piece up on top of the compressor that has 2 black wires running to it surrounded by what looks like a spring (forget what it's called) with one from a working ac and...
  5. J

    FIXED Kenmore Washer 110.20222511 Spins Fine Except During Cycle

    I have a client with a washer about 3 years old. He says it does not spin the clothes out properly. Diagnostic cycle shows no issues. Ran manual test gets up to high speed spin no problem. Passes tachometer test. Ran calibration mode, it did sound like the motor struggled to get up to spin but...
  6. T

    GE Profile Fridge PFSS6PKXCSS stopped cooling after power outage

    After a power outage, our pfss6pkxcss fridge stopped cooling. At first, we noticed the front display was showing the old temps, but clearly these were inaccurate because it was no longer cool in there, so we turned-off the circuit breaker and left it off for 15 mins. When we turned it back on...
  7. M

    MBR2258XES1 Maytag Refrigerator - MA7702278441-TH jazz board capacitor help needed

    So I had a power surge fry a Cap on the Jazz board of my fridge. I got it off but don't have the full label of the cap to know what to replace it with. Hoping that the hive mindof the internet can help me out.
  8. vap0rtranz

    FIXED Hotpoint RC-11 Range - fluorescent light & capacitor

    Will a higher rated capacitor than what's original work with new fluorescent tubes? I'm restoring an old Hotpoint RC-11 range that has a 30" fluorescent tube that won't light. I replaced the T8 tube that was in the range with a new one but it still doesn't light. Everything else works...
  9. T

    Kenmore 970-550130 Compressor Intermittent Start, Clicking

    Started that fridge doesn't cool, compressor doesn't seem on, clicking noise every 4 minutes or so. Thought it was the start capacitor, I now have a replacement and also a replacement start relay. Seems to happen with either combination of the new or old relay or capacitor. However, I was...
  10. S

    FIXED AD50USS2 DEHUMIDIFIER Whirlpool Gold Accudry Question -

    Good afternoon all, my apologies if this is in the wrong location. I have also searched and could not find any info pertaining to my model. It's an older model: Whirlpool Gold Accudry 50 pt Dehumidifier Model #AD50USS2 SN#QU1834450 115Volts 60Hz 5.9amps I'm hoping to find a more professional...
  11. D

    FIXED Whirlpool ED5FVGXVS00 freezer and fridge stopped cooling. Compressor very hot, capacitor clicking frequently

    Hello everyone, The previous homeowners left us a Whirlpool ED5FVGXVS00. The fridge is basic but runs very well. The other day new filters came in the mail. The next day after changing one, the freezer stopped cooling. I opened the back yesterday and noticed that there is a clicking sound...
  12. L

    Sourcing Run Capacitor -- Viking Wine Cellar

    I have a Viking 15in under counter wine cellar (their term) model 30WC-6501. I'm having difficulty sourcing a replacement run capacitor for this thing. It's unlikely I can get the exact replacement component for this 16yo appliance. But it is likely a spec-compatible capacitor will work, if I...
  13. J

    GE Side by Side; Clicking every 2-5 Minutes, replaced Capacitor and Start Relay

    I purchased a house two years ago, and it had all new appliances. The refrigerator is only 2.5 years old. Recently, my fridge started to click every 2-5 minutes and stopped cooling. I cleaned the condenser coils, and replaced the start relay and capacitor. When I first replaced just the start...
  14. J

    Goodman Heat Pump - GSH130301BA - Contactor & Capacitor Replacement Questions

    Hi Jake (or other service techs viewing), Jburger back again! :3: You helped me fix the washer and dryer (they’re still going strong!), and this time it’s the heat pump that’s out for two days now. So I thought I would ask a couple of questions to see if I can do this repair DIY and would...
  15. C

    KBFS20EVMS13 clicks and buzzes, but compressor wont turn on

    I have a KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator, model KBFS20EVMS13. It recently stopped working (compressor wouldnt turn on), and I replaced the start relay (WPW10448874). The compressor started and fridge/freezer got cold. Freezer was down to about 10 degrees F before I went to bed. Everything...
  16. K

    GD25DFXFW02 Compressor not starting

    Fan runs, but compressor not starting. Compressor tests okay with ohmmeter and getting 120V per red wire. I replaced the overload and what seemed to be a bad relay, but the compressor still fails to start. I tried testing the capacitor - seems okay via digital tests with ohmmeter. Is the...
  17. L

    BRF20TW Amana Fridge warm not cool

    I have learned more about refrigerators in the last two days than anyone should be expected to in a lifetime. I have suffered, though I see light at the end of the tunnel. The other night while I was on my computer I heard an annoying humming sound, I thought it was the computer. When I turned...
  18. P

    Carrier 58PAV conflicting capacitors

    Hello Forum; hopefully an easy question: I have 2 AC/Furnaces in my house. I recently checked the blower motor capacitor of one (the inside unit). The CAP was rated 7.5 uF but when measured was only 3.x uF. So, I ordered 2 replacements as both furnaces are 20 years old. When replacing...
  19. E

    Compressor Click - replaced start device and capacitor -still wont start- NEED HELP Please!

    Hey guys, Been doing some homework on this but I'm stumped. Any advice is appreciated. Had a lightning storm. ( not sure if that is related) Compressor started to click and fridge stopped working. Click... humm... click. So, I went to google and decided to change the start device. it looked...
  20. A

    FIXED Kenmore Washer - top loading, direct drive, motor doesn't drain/spin -hums-, but does agitate

    My Kenmore washer stopped after the wash cycle the other day, and instead of pumping out the tub, just sat there and hummed. I did the following: pulled the pump off of the motor shaft, and tried again (after bypassing the lid switch with a jumper). The motor still hummed when it came to...

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