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  1. J

    ISO Test Methods for Carrier Heat Pump Defrost Sensor and Circuit Board

    How do I test the defrost sensor and circuit board on my 12-year-old Carrier heat pump (Model 25HBC336W0030010)? Thanks! gfr92y
  2. D

    Carrier Gas 58MVP code44/41/12

    Attempting 1st start-up of the fall. Filter dirty. Same filter/ductwork used all summer for AC. Wouldn't start. Removed filter, turned breaker off then on. Called for heat. After about 45 seconds, got error code 4-4 (per inside cover, blower calibration fault= if 4-4 occurs alone, check for...
  3. P

    Carrier 58PAV conflicting capacitors

    Hello Forum; hopefully an easy question: I have 2 AC/Furnaces in my house. I recently checked the blower motor capacitor of one (the inside unit). The CAP was rated 7.5 uF but when measured was only 3.x uF. So, I ordered 2 replacements as both furnaces are 20 years old. When replacing...

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