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    Bosch Condenser dryer Classixx 7 WTE84105GB How does the machine know that it needs cleaning?

    My machine - Bosch condenser dryer runs for a minute or 2 and then the indicator to clean it comes on. I have cleaned both the condensor and the lint filter and it has not helped. How does the machine know that it needs cleaning ? Is it a humidity sensor? How do I take care of this? Thanks a...
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    FIXED Clean Light x 7 is haunting me still!!

    I have a GU2500XTPB6 circa 2005. The infamous Clean Light x 7 surfaced...I reset using Heated Dry, Normal sequence. No problem for a few months, then Clean Light x 7 came back...recurring more and more often to the point where I cannot get a full cycle to run. I tested continuity on the...
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    Kenmore Ultrawash- 2 problems or just 1? Grinding + clean light blinking

    My dishwasher is making the grinding noise and I'm planning to buy a Complete Pump and Motor Assembly. Recently the clean light just started blinking 7 times after dealing with the grinding for several months. Is this indicating a new and different problem has popped up? In that case, it...
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    Can't reset blinking Clean Light or run Diag

    Hello, My dishwasher (Kitchenaid KUDM01TJBT0) stopped working, with the Clean light blinking 7x. Could not 'reset the board' by following the recommended procedure (open door, press High Temp Scrub, press Energy saver Dry, .....). Could not run diagnostics (the Clean light just kept blinking...
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    [FIXED] The dreaded clean light flashing!

    I am experiencing the dreaded clean light blinking seven times problem and have searched this forum for the possible cures and have tried most of them. My problem started with a blown thermal fuse. I replaced that piece and was able to get power back to the machine. Now I have a new problem...