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    Whirlpool WTW5000DW3 clicking during wash, basket barely moving, periodic grinding sound during spin

    I was in the laundry room today and noticed a steady clicking during the wash cycle. I opened the lid to check it out and it seems like it's not working properly, but I don't know for sure. I stuck around and also noticed some loud grindy sound that would come on and off during the spin cycle...
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    GD5SHAXNS00 Whirlpool - What is causing this noise on fridge? (Video uploaded)

    My fridge has begun making this screeching/popping noise. I’ve attached a video of the problem. I believe this fridge is from 2004. Would anyone be able to tell me what is causing this and any potential fixes? Video: Whirlpool Fridge Noise Video Thank you!!!
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    FIXED KDTE104ESS1 codes 7-1 then 5-1 / searched forum but did find these together.

    Hello - 6 year old KDTE104ESS1 dishwasher. Start Fills with water Then I hear a clicking sound a couple of times and then nothing happens Later I heard the soap dispenser open and soap fell out Drains without a problem At no time do I hear any water spray - the recirculation pump never...
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    WTW5000DW1 Whirlpool tries to spin three times then quits and drains

    Washer tries to spin three times then quits and drains My whirlpool attempts to start spin cycle several times then gives up and drains. Clicking sound when spins are attempted. Video attached. Drive hub? Belt? Thanks all...
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    Frigidaire Gallery FGID2476SF1A Dishwasher door popping/clicking

    My dishwasher is making a loud popping/click sound when I open and close the door. It sounds like it's coming from the right side and just before the noise happens it feels like there is a little bit of resistance while closing. Anyone have any idea what the cause is and how to fix? Added...
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    LG Oven LSG4511ST/00 flame from fan in back; clicking noise at 325 degrees and higher

    I'm getting small flames in fan area at back of oven. Also, the oven clicks repeatedly, starting at 350 degrees. I haven't tried using non-convection to see if the same thing happens, frankly nervous to run the oven. Haven't noticed any odor. Oven manufacture date is Nov 2020.
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    Kenmore Dishwasher 665.12793K312 New diverter motor, clicking but turning?

    Hello there, first I'm sorry to ask this as I'm sure it has been addressed in a prior thread but from my searches I couldn't find these exact issues together. My Kenmore 665.12793K312 was not cleaning my dishes properly as the upper and lower arms where not working properly. After research and...
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    Maytag HAV2360AWW Clicking Noise on Wash/Agitation Cycle

    Hello, I'm getting a clicking sound during the wash/agitation cycle. Everything else seems to be fine, but I know that the noise will likely lead to problems with operation if it's ignored. Can you give me your recommendations? Thanks, Chris
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    Kitchenaid electric convection oven KEBS109BSS00 Error Code F3E0 & clicking

    I have an electric Kitchenaid convection oven (model# KEBS109BSS00) that starts having clicking noises when at or above 400 deg F on Bake. Generally the oven continues to go to it’s required temp (ex. 425 deg) and continues to heat. Today it went to 425 for 10 minutes and then started to click...
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    FIXED Whirlpool ED5FVGXVS00 freezer and fridge stopped cooling. Compressor very hot, capacitor clicking frequently

    Hello everyone, The previous homeowners left us a Whirlpool ED5FVGXVS00. The fridge is basic but runs very well. The other day new filters came in the mail. The next day after changing one, the freezer stopped cooling. I opened the back yesterday and noticed that there is a clicking sound...
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    FIXED GSS23WSTASS GE side-by-side making clicking noise from the dispenser control panel, and the display is out

    this started yesterday after I tried to adjust the temperature for both the freezer and fridge. the display went out then i start to hear a clicking noise from the display. should i replace the dispenser control board? or the main control board in the back??? GE WR55X10859 Dispenser Control...
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    FGHG2366PF1A Functioning Frigidaire fridge makes incessant clicking sound

    Hello all, We have a 3 year old frigidaire fridge/freezer FGHG2366PF1A - French door with bottom drawer freezer. It intermittently clicks on and off incessantly for hours at a time and then stops for awhile, only to begin again a couple hours later. It seems to come from the grey box on the...
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    KSCS25FTSS02 KitchenAid Refrigerator fan compressor? constantly on with high pitched noise

    Just moved into a new home and a fan in the refrigerator constantly runs. I'm thinking it is the compressor judging by the other posts I've read. It turns off for half a second and then clicks right back on again. The temperature is unaffected and water/ice maker working normally. Last night I...
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    Whirlpool Gold Conquest: Replaced control board, but now temperatur numbers flash

    Yesterday I replaced the recommended control board, and all seemed fine. Today, when I open the refrigerator door, the compressor turns off, the temperature control numbers flash (for both the refrigerator and the freezer), and there is a clicking noise (like a car's turning signal). When I...
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    GE Arctica Side by Side - Dispenser not working, Fridge not cooling like it should

    My GE Arctica side by side (PSS26SGRBSS) from 2002 started having issues about 2 weeks ago and has progressively worsened: 1. No water or ice dispensed, dispenser light comes on, temp. display would go dark except for blinking HRS then about 10 min later would be working again. Fridge and...
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    Frigidaire fridge clicking sound

    We just purchased (12/2015) a new fridge at Lowe's. Right away we noticed a clicking sound coming from below the freezer drawer compartment. It appears to come from a light gray box that houses what I assume are the electronics. It clicks frequently/randomly in no pattern. It lasts for hours...
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    Will Not Agitate Under Load

    I am trying to figure what part I need to fix my "clicking" GE Profile WJRE5500G1WW Washing Machine. With a light load it agitates just fine but with 2 or 3 towels added it just clicks. It spins perfectly. I replaced the motor about a year ago and I have also just replaced the Coupler, it...
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    FIXED EC3JHAXRL00 Whirlpool side by side hot frame, clicking, hot compressor

    For several months I noticed the edges of the fridge were hot, especially the divider between fridge & freezer sides. Then the other day clicking noises started. After google search I thought it might be dust collected. I unplugged it & opened the back and removed the front grille and vacuumed...
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    106.51552101 Kenmore coldspot fridge clicking noise

    My Sears Kenmore Coldspot fridge is making a clicking noise. I cleaned the coils which helped since the clicking noises are infrequent now. The thermometer says the fridge temps are between 32 and 40 and the freezer is at zero. The repairman told me that the clicking menas that the compressor is...
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    Worked Great >>> Stored for 2-yrs >>> Now Won't Cool

    1. Bought new Fridge 2-years ago and put this one in the basement for future use. Worked excellent before moving it. 2. Powered it up early this week and left it on overnight and wasn't cool the next day >>> Found that compressor or fan wasn't running. 3. Did some google searching and found...
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