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    790.41012801 Kenmore Elite Clock LCD MISSING GHOSTING LINES

    My Kenmore Elite Oven clock digital lcd screen is missing some bars making it very hard to tell what number it is trying to display. Is there an easy way to fix this problem or will I have to buy something expensive? Thanks for any information on this. I've seen where some people fix there...
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    Identifying an old Hotpoint Oven (so I can fix the timer and clock)

    Hi! I'm new here and have an old Hotpoint wall oven that works (and looks) great, aside from the clock/timer. I'm trying to track down a manual for it, but that is proving difficult. It says it's Cat. No. 10RJ10 with Serial No. 9892025, but I can't find anything on that at all. My guess from...
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    NX58K3310SS Clock on Samsung Range resetting when burner turns on

    I went into the kitchen and noticed my clock blinking as if there were a power outage, except nothing else was blinking. Later on that day when I went to cook something I heard a bell and when I looked up the clock was blinking again, this happened to me five or six times before I realized that...
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    Jenn Air JES9900BAB Electric Smoothtop Downdraft Slide-In Range is driving me crazy!

    We have a 10 year old Jenn-Air JES9900BAB electric smoothtop downdraft slide-in range that keeps getting worse and worse by the day. When using the touchpad, some buttons no longer respond. 1st, the vent on/off button stopped working, then not long after that, the setup button to set the clock...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Analog Clock Replacment for Oven

    I have a 30 year old Whirlpool dual oven with a dead analogue clock. I can move all the knobs and set the self clean manually. I don't think this clock worked but more than 1 year. Everything else on the oven works great and it looks fine. I suspect that the motor for the clock is dead. I...
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    Maytag MGR5770BDW

    I'm having the following 2 problems with my 7 year old (stove) 1. The problem appears to be the stove portion of the ignition. It will not click when I try to ignite any of the burners. The oven works fine. This started about a month ago. 2. Since last week, the digital clock began...