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    LG Refrigerator LFX25974ST/01 Making/Dumping clumped ice

    Thank you in advance for anyone that is willing to assist me! 🙂 I did look at other posts on this forum but couldn't match anything up to my issues. SN is 204KRGG2Z631. Issue: Consistent clumping of ice in bucket & water puddles up on top panel of freezer door. Troubleshooting done...
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    Amana ARB9059CS - Ice freezing in tray

    My lake house has an Amana ARB9059CS refrigerator over freezer and the ice in the tray appears to have been covered by a spray of water and clumps together. Also, the food in the freezer appears to get covered by a spray of water since it's covered in ice. Would this be a problem with the ice...