clutch assembly

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    Service Manual for WA52J8700AP

    Does anyone have a link to the service manual for a Samsung Washer WA52J8700AP? More specifically I'm looking for the schematic of the motherboard to do some troubleshooting. I have PC error code. When starting a cycle, the drum shimmies or shudders in an attempt to spin. Then it throws an...
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    FIXED Kenmore Washer 110.26902691 90 Series, Replaced Clutch, Now Brake Broke

    After completing a clutch replacement 285785 per AppliancePartsPros video, the washer spins again, but the brake doesn’t engage when I lift the lid during spin cycle. I think I followed all the instructions correctly. It doesn’t make any weird noises. The basket just keeps spinning until the...
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    110.28422700 Kenmore Washer quickly worn clutch

    I have a Kenmore 400 washer. I replaced the clutch assembly a about a month ago. The old clutch pads were visually worn. Recently the washer stopped spinning out properly. I took the assembly apart and the pads on the clutch are similarly worn down. This was after a dozen washes or so. I am...
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    FIXED Removing clutch from old GE washer motor

    Hello forum, I am attempting to reuse an induction motor from an older GE washer. I have successfully removed the top cap/cover, clutch housing (w/ included sheave and bearing), and a few other small components. Here is the assembly before any components were removed, as well as before...
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    Need Upper Bearing ring of Neptune TL 6800

    Model Number: FAV6800 Brand: Maytag Age: More than 10 years I am looking for just the Upper Bearing ring of a Neptune TL 6800. I know that series 12-17 do not use the Upper Bearing Ring. The series 11 and lower requires it. The Lower Bearing ring and clutch is in good condition but the...
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