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    2014 LG Top Load Washer WT1201CV UE Code on Spin Cycle

    Hello all, I have an LG Top Load Washer that always terminates the spin cycle with a "UE" code. The spin cycle will initiate, and once the timer counts down to around 10 minutes it will add more time and start filling the tub with water. This is presumably the way it tries to rectify an...
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    FIXED MVWX700XL2 Maytag Washer - what is this code, end of a cycle it will restart by itself all over and run a cycle again

    I am having this problem ever since i replaced my washers hub after it got striped out. Now my washer works correctly but at the end of a cycle it will restart by itself all over and run a cycle again. This code pops up after the end of each cycle.
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    FIXED Samsung Oven/Range NX58H5600SS/AA -SE- Error Code

    Hi all, first post here. Thank you in advance for reading and brainstorming solutions with me. My Samsung appliance worked well for nearly 3 years leading up to this September. Since then, the keypad will now display the "-SE-" error code and beep 10 times loudly. This renders all buttons...
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    Whirlpool 2000 series weird blinking lights

    Hi I'm new here and I'm having a lot of trouble with this. We fixed the computer/control board on it and it powered up but now it's just blinking like crazy and locking and unlocking itself. Also displays an error message 8 on it. I have a picture of it but I'm not sure how to post it. Any help...
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    Is it up to code to not have a hood over a gas stove?

    Model Number: CGR3742CDC Brand: Maytag Age: More than 10 years I just moved into a new bungalow in San Francisco, and it has an old gas stove with no vent-hood. Is that legal?
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    Whirlpool Gold beeps randomly, GI6FDRXXY little song beep fault code WITH VIDEO

    I'm helping my friend fix his refrigerator ... it beeps randomly throughout the day and night. Sometimes (like right now!) it starts its little song but immediately interrupts itself and starts the song over again. Sometimes it cycles the ice or water filter making a kind of whirring noise after...