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    FIXED Frigidaire Washer ATF6000ES0 control panel acting strange, would not run a cycle

    This happened a while ago so details are sketchy whether there were any error codes, etc. Anyways the washer control panel was acting strange meaning it would not run a wash cycle. The display was turning on the indicator lights for all the cycles. Washer would not start. I removed the control...
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    KDTE404DSS0 not heating nor drying

    Hello everyone, been researching the net all day today until I stumbled on this awesome forum. Been looking around and found a few things that I think are steering me in the right direction but I still need clarification. I run the diagnostic mode in my dishwasher and to be honest I am not...
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    WED9200SQ0 I am unable to reset fault codes

    Dryer shows the same fault codes as were present when we had a thermistor go bad -a year ago - all F25's. I am unable to reset those. I have tried powering dryer off (both via unplugging at wall and tripping breaker) for 5 minutes and 30 minutes, but alas - the codes remain. Have also tried...
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    110.47561600 Modifier codes for cleaning cycle

    I would like to run the cleaning cycle with different settings than the defaults. Do any Codes exist to allow changing the water temperature used for cleaning? In fact is there any documents listing diagnostic or modifier codes that can be used with WPW10525359 CCU? If no modifier code exists...
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    FIXED WDF320PADS1 Whirlpool Dishwasher 3 Service Diagnostic Errors after Repair

    Hello, Today I did a minor DIY repair on our 3 yr old Whirlpool DW and after I started it back up it didn't run at all like it last did. I ran the Service Diagnostic to check the code and found I didn't have a single one but three. Some background: A few weeks back, the little lady told me...