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    ID5HHEXWS00 Replacement thermostat "cold control" has different electrical connector configuration; need help for connections

    For a side-by-side freezer/fridge from IKEA (Whirlpool mfr.), model ID5HHEXWS00, here is the problem: A cold control, part WP2198202 was ordered. The push-on connectors (other than ground) have a completely different configuration than the original. So I have no guidance for where to connect the...
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    1954 Frigidaire Refrigerator not cooling

    Hello everyone! I just picked up a 1954 Frigidaire Refrigerator (0590368) and I am trying to get it up and running. The issue that I am having is that the compressor runs (constantly actually) but the fridge/ freezer never cools. It looks as though the fridge is charged with freon (although...
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    FFHT1814LW1 Fridge-Freezer warm, compressor and fan aren't running

    Hello, I have a Fridigaire Top-mount fridge-freezer combo (model FFHT1814LW1, 2011) that started warming up yesterday evening. The onset seemed to be sudden and I don't believe the temperature was falling gradually over the preceeding week. I sat by it for 45 minutes and neither the compressor...
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    GD25DFXFW02 Compressor not starting

    Fan runs, but compressor not starting. Compressor tests okay with ohmmeter and getting 120V per red wire. I replaced the overload and what seemed to be a bad relay, but the compressor still fails to start. I tried testing the capacitor - seems okay via digital tests with ohmmeter. Is the...
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    Inconsistent cooling/defrost cycles

    hi all having issues narrowing down fridge problem was having problem after defrost would not 'come back on' some of the time, or run too long/insonsistent intervals if it did. i have a friend who is a tech who came over, checked things out and diagnosed possible defrost system issues..... so...