coldspot vintage 1950s

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    Old Sears Kenmore Coldspot Handle Replacement

    Looking at possibly picking up an old Coldspot to restore. It was my grandfathers and I think it could make an awesome beer fridge in the garage. The handle has been broken off as long as I can remember, but my grandfather jammed a screwdriver into it and got it working. My question is, how...
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    1955 Demo Coldspot chest freezer

    Hi all. This is probably a sacrilegous post, but I am trying to safely demo the giant chest freezer in the basement of my 1956 house. It is a Super Wall Coldspot. My guess is it is from 1955 or so and was put into service when the house was built. It turned on, but did not cool. I need the...
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    Mid-to-late 1950s Coldspot vintage- refrigerator over freezing

    Hi I have a working Coldspot model #106.L13TDL1F. Mid-to-late 1950s I believe. The refrigerator regularly overfreezes, accumulating snow all over the inside coils (I keep it at lowest temp, but it still freezes). I regularly turn it off, wait for the snow to melt, then turn it back on. Is this...