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    Coldspot refrigerator year id and compressor replacement

    Hi, my name is Troy. I have two questions; 1.Can you help me identify the year of my refrigerator? It is a Coldspot 106.E9F-C1 serial no 728046B. 2. The compressor went out a week or so ago. It is locked up mechanically. I plan to repair or replace the compressor. I have seen video's of guys...
  2. K

    KENMORE COLDSPOT model 106.9630280, What Year Is It?

    Hi Everyone! I have a KENMORE COLDSPOT model 106. 9630280, serial no. EC4717244 and I’m hoping one of you could tell me what year it was made. I have no idea how old it is but I had to select something, so please don’t go by the years listed. Also, I don’t have any pictures of it right now but...
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    FIXED 106.52252100 Kenmore Side by Side warm on both sides but colder at the bottom of each side?

    Alright here goes, I've been asking a lot out of the ice maker as of late. As luck would have it, the power to the house has been cutting out lately. It started making less and less ice until the freezer leaked water and both sides started getting warm. They are colder towards the bottom. The...
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    Kenmore Coldspot 106.58146801 fridge side too cold

    The fridge is too cold and freezes everything. Even though I set the temp control on 1 for the freezer and fridge, cold air comes out from the top-left compartment in fridge. Even when I turned the fridge off (as in the attached pics) the cold air continued to come in from the top vent for...
  5. N

    106.64269400 Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator dripping water from freezer

    I have a Kenmore Coldspot, Model # 106.64269400 that is intermittently dripping water into the refrigerator from the freezer. I know this has been discussed here previously and I have verified that the drain line is clear. I have run the entire length of it with a cleaning device and, when not...
  6. T

    FIXED 106.51133210 Kenmore Refrigerator - Unable to Remove Water Filter

    Kenmore Coldspot model 106.51133210 I have been trying to remove/replace water filter in this side/side refrigerator and no success. i have got large plyers on the filter and attempted to move side, to side, push and pull to no avail. does anybody have any suggestion? am i going to be forced...
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    106.70832100 Sears Kenmore Coldspot - Ice maker is dripping and getting worse

    The ice maker in my Kenmore Coldspot ice maker starting dripping several months ago. It started as just a single strand of frozen drip, but as you can see it is growing and is now thicker and dripping in more than one location. The frozen drip also contains a brownish substance. It is still...
  8. M

    FIXED 2010 Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker Not Working ~ Model 106.54789803

    2010 Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker Not Working ~ Model 106.54789803 I would like help in troubleshooting why the ice maker won't work. Water is ON at the wall, and comes out of the water dispenser. The light sensor blinks twice when engaged (when I push the left-side flap back (to simulate the...
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    FIXED 106.50502990 Kenmore Coldspot door cams misaligned

    Hello, and thanks in advance, I've been having a problem with the door cams on my Kenmore Elite Coldspot refrigerator. Here are the refrigerator specs: Model: 106.50502990 Serial: SK0851189 Mfg Date: 2000.03 Type: C25SSA00 This fridge came with the house when I bought it. It is a side by...
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    106.56666500 Kenmore Coldspot leaking/squirting *and* not chilling well

    Hi, all! My Kenmore Coldspot suddenly developed a water leak; I came downstairs to find a significant puddle. I had no time to poke at it then, so I just shut off the icemaker water and turned off the icemaker switch. That's been a few months now and I'm finally looking at it for that as well...
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    106.60834100 Kenmore fridge cools intermittently

    Hi, my fridge will cool then shut off and come back on intermittently. Throughout the day I might have to turn the control knob off and turn it back up so it will turn back on and cool again. I was thinking this might be the thermostat but want to confirm as parts aren't returnable.
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    106.5227 Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator Freezing - a real head-scratcher

    The refrigerator section of my Kenmore Coldspot side-by-side is frozen with the temp control set all the way (or anywhere I set it). This model has a mechanical control for the small door between the freezer and refrigerator sections. I ordered a new thermostat. When I took the old one out, I...
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    Kenmore Coldspot Not Defrosting Properly

    Hello, I have an old Sears/Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator that serves primarily as a beer fridge and lives in my garage. Lately it has not been cooling properly. I've done some troubleshooting and found a few things: Thick frost is building up in the back of the freezer on the evaporator...
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    Kenmore Coldspot 106.58726800 fridge not cooling

    Hello, I have a Kenmore Coldspot 106.58726800 that isn't cooling. The fridge is a stainless steel side by side with ice maker. I received it for free from a guy that said the fridge wouldn't cool after a power outage. I assumed the problem was most likely the starter relay. I have purchased...
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    106.6665000 ICE not frost in Freezer SEARS COLDSPOT 14 Frostless (Fridge with Bottom Freezer)

    I am being very descriptive here because I have found no help googling. My mother is currently searching old Rubbermaid bins for the manual I saved. Model number is 106.6665000 Serial Number 6D158925 115 volts SEARS COLDSPOT FROSTLESS 14 SPACEMASTER Interior is Robin Egg/Teal color...
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    106.52203100 Kenmore Coldspot constantly needing to be manually defrosted and not cooling

    My Kenmore Coldspot has been having the coils in the freezer get iced over causing the fridge and freezer to not cool properly. We can turn it off and defrost it ourselves and it will start working again for a week or so until it gets frosted up again. What is possibly causing this and how can I...
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    1950 Coldspot Refrigerator- need to connect electrical cord

    Model Number: 106.D9G-B1 Brand: Sears Kenmore Age: More than 10 years The electrical cord to my refrigerator got snagged on something and pulled loose from the refrigerator itself. I thought it should be easy to rewire it, but I have not been able to figure it out. I've also had an...
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    1950's Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator

    Model Number: 106 J11C-D1 Brand: Sears Kenmore Age: More than 10 years Hello Everyone, I recently got my hands on 1950's coldspot refrigerator and have been trying to revive the thing back to life. This is a new venture for me as I don't have a lot of experience working with refrigerators and...
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    106.59217990 Kenmore Coldspot Freezer not working

    Hi. My freezer seems to have stopped working. While the inside of the freezer is still cold (unless that's just residual cold air), it's not cold enough to keep food from defrosting and ice melting. In short, it does not reach freezing point. I don't know if this is a compressor problem or...
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    Need wiring diagram for older Kenmore/sears upright coldspot freezer

    I have on older Sear/Kenmore 17.1 cubic foot upright coldspot freezer that needs a new defrost timer. The new replacement timer, part# 482493 is a universal whirlpool timer. The instruction that came with it indicate three different ways to hook it up, depending on how the freezer is wired...

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