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    FIXED MAT23PCAAW Maytag commercial coin-op washer wont drain

    Hi, our small condo complex has a 6 button maytag coin-op commercial washer,model MAT23PCAAW Hardly anyone uses it so its hard to maybe get someone to own up if they broke it, but, is there a way to reset this machine? We approached it and it had the coin amount displayed but tub was full of...
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    FCFS201LFB4 Frigidaire Commercial Upright Stand-Alone freezer not freezing

    I joined this forum seeking some troubleshooting advice on a stand alone upright commercial freezer. I bought the freezer and the matching glass door refrigerator a little less than 5 years. The freezer has always worked as it should up until recently. It started when I noticed that the...
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    New Laundromat Owner having trouble with a SPEED QUEEN

    So, a customer put a bunch of rugs in a top load speed queen washer. It stopped mid cycle. The belt seemed fine, but it wouldn't drain. After messing around with it, it started working out of the blue and finished its cycle. I thought maybe the lid switch got out of wack and I fixed it by...