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    RF27M8070 Freezer Not Working, Fridge and Icemaker Fine

    Hi there, I have a Samsung RF27M8070 French Door with Freezer Drawer model that has a strange issue. The Freezer says it's at -5F but an analog thermometer shows it's really just at the Fridge temp (38F). The fridge and ice maker work totally fine, though. Some steps I've tried: * I...
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    Any old boys in here?

    /I am trying to research the old "pancake" style compressors. In my experience, these things are virtually indestructible, and I am trying to find literature, manuals, catalogs, patents, or any other information that anyone might have. Thanks!
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    Frigidaire Standing freezer LFFU14F5HWS Door open 2 hrs = No longer working

    This past weekend one of my kids was checking ice pops (were they done yet?!?!?!) and left the door open for about 2 hrs a crack. The beeping/warning alerted us. Closed the door - checked back in 30 and found the temperature kept rising and blowing not cold air from the top. Took everything...
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    Scotsman - Is compressor bad?

    Hi Everyone, I have a scotsman under counter ice make that the compressor will kick on for a few seconds then turn off, after a minute or so it will do the same thing again. I have done the following diagnostics to see if the compressor is bad - I have checked the resistance between C-R = 4.2...
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    Compressor not starting..

    I am stumped .. Compressor is not coming on - no hum, nothing. The fans are running - both at the condenser and the evaporator. I have check and replaced the overload and the PTC. I have checked for resistance across the compressor 3 pins (doing it 2 at a time). Also checked for shorts to...
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    LMXS28626S LG Refrigerator not cooling

    Hi, My fridge isn't cooling and I'm hoping it's the PCB rather than the compressor/sealed system. I woke up to find the ice had melted and it was not cold in the fridge or freezer. The compressor runs but isn't cold, and sounds normal while operating, compressor fan is operational. The...
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    HBF05EAVS Haier Kegerator Seized LG compressor, curious Ohm reading

    Hello Folks, Thought I might luck out with a nice Haier kegerator (free), thinking it might be just the starter etc. I picked up an RCO410 to try my luck, and used an multimeter to map out the unmarked pins on the LG MA53LBCM compressor (115V RSCR PTC). The readings were 0.8 Ohm, 2.5 Ohm...
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    RS263TDPN Compressor Inverter PCB Fuse Blowing

    I have a Samsung RS263TDPN and the compressor stopped working. No errors at self diagnostic and the LED's on the main PCB and inverter PCB are not on. All lights and fans work. I noticed the fuse on the inverter PCB was blown and replaced it. It immediately blew again when I plugged it back in...
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    FIXED KSSC48FMS02 constant alarm beeping and intermittent compressor

    We've got a KSSC48FMS02 that seems to be struggling and thinking its about to go. From reading here I'm thinking it might be control board going? For the past 4 weeks or so there is a constant beeping from the fridge. The compressor also sounded like it wasn't staying on and recently have...
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    hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq.Ft dehumidifier. Compressor overheats and not dehumidifying!!!

    Hi All, I would like to find an easy way to fix my dehumidifier from Homelabs. I bought this from Amazon 2 years ago and it's out of warranty now. I have 2 of them at home and one isn't dehumidifying at all. The one currently not dehumidifying bought it in 2020 which is a new one. Bought in...
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    Vintotemp VT32 wine cellar -- Quick-Flash Zero on Control Panel

    My Vinotemp VT32 wine cellar stopped running. The control panel quick-flashes "0"; buttons are non-responsive; compressor isn't running. I've never seen this sort of thing before. Anyone know if this is a trouble-code for this make/model; and what a zero quick-flash indicates? As an aside...
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    1999 Frigidaire 9950 btu ac tries to start and hangs

    Tries to start but hangs up, fails and retries. I've swapped cap with one I believe to be good. Still hangs up. I changed the piece up on top of the compressor that has 2 black wires running to it surrounded by what looks like a spring (forget what it's called) with one from a working ac and...
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    FFTR1821TD0 Frigidaire top freezer refrigerator works intermittently, compressor runs, light bulb goes out.

    I noticed that the fridge light occasionally didn't come on when opening the door. I replaced the bulb but the situation persisted. Yesterday, I noticed that my Diet Coke (TM) was not very cold, so I suspected that the light not working may be related to the fridge not cooling. I cleaned the...
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    KitchenAid Superba Model KSCS25FKSS00. Freezer not cold enough while fridge is fine

    Hi all, My KitchenAid Superba side-by-side freezer/fridge has a problem where the fridge temperature is fine while the freeze is not cold enough, 10-20F instead of 0F. I have checked all the usual: all fans are turning the compressor is hot but not super hot, and vibrating which I assume means...
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    PSS25SGNABS GE refrigerator not cooling

    The refrigerator isn't producing any cold air. When the unit is plugged in I can hear the evaporator fan running and see the condenser fan running. When I touch the condenser I don't feel and vibration. I tested the start relay, the overload and the compressor. Both the relay and overload have...
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    Frigidaire Refrigerator FPRU19F8RFC sealed system issue.

    We are having an issue with our refrigerator periodically freezing food. We had a tech come out to evaluate and he is telling us we need a new compressor, evaporator, heat exchanger and filter drier. Does this sound correct? He never pulled the fridge from the wall so I’m not sure how he...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator GI6FARXXY08 Freon lines cut

    Hello I am looking for a bit of direction on where to hook up the Freon lines, I purchased this unit used when it did not cool I looked to see what the issue was and this is what I found 2 cut lines coming from the top if anyone would happen to know where I am to connect them to it would be...
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    Samsung Fridge RFG237AARS compressor issue

    Hello, I have a Samsung fridge I purchased at auction and unfortunately it doesn’t work. The fridge trips a GFCI as soon as compressor kicks on. The inverter board is showing 4 blinks indication motor locked or over RPM. Motor ohmed out good. I replaced the inverter board, the compressor, and...
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    Frigidaire FG4H2272UF variable speed compressor running full-tilt 24/7 after warranty sealed system repair, ice maker has frosted over

    My refrigerator has recently had an evaporator, the stepper valve, and the compressor replaced due to a refrigerant leak. Ever since then the variable speed compressor hasn't slowed down one bit, despite the fact that both compartments are always either at or below their set temperatures...
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    Frigidaire refrigerator FRT15B3AQ4 not running

    Hi all, Found this forum after lots of Youtube University learnin' ;) and eventually reached an impasse. So the fridge model is FRT15B3AQ4, born on date 12/03. Compressor wasn't running at all. Door light comes on but that's it. Initial internet troubleshooting pointed to the start...

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