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    Buzzing/Clicking by-from Compressor

    Hello. My fridge Amana DRS2662AC stopped cooling. I replaced the PTC relay and overload. Still same problem. Any other inxpensive item that can be replaced before the compressor to see if it resolves the issue? Any advice is appreciated...Thanks!!
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    [FIXED] Maytag MSD2660KGB Not cooling, clicking from high voltage board

    Maytag..... MSD2660KGB --->purchased at Home Depot in early 2008. Both sides of the fridge stopped cooling. The digital temp display is blank and I checked for voltage on display board but nothing. The water fountain lights and the light bulbs inside the fridge work. I pulled and checked the...
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    model:ARB2109 cycle of buzzing then click

    * Background: Amana, bottom freezer, unit is again making several cycles of nnnnnnnnyet, nnnnnnnnnyet buzz sounds at the bottom rear followed by a click and then silence for several minutes. A month ago I replaced the overload relay after ignoring this sound (thought it was something else and...
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    GE Top Freezer Refridge - need diagnosis help...

    GE Top Freezer...model PTS25LBMARWW... ~5 years old. Stopped working suddenly. This is what I've checked so far... Power coming in OK. Power up to motherboard OK. Fans running OK (both of them) Lights come on and off as they should Checked power coming out of motherboard TO compressor -...
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