1. J

    Is there such a thing as Tee fittings for condensate lines of mini Split units?

    I am in the position of needing to "T" / tee together the condensate lines of two mini-split units. I know this is "less than ideal" but it's the only easy way out for me.... Does anyone sell TEE fittings that can be used with the thin-wall ribbed plastic condensate drain lines that the...
  2. F

    RFG237AARS More water under veg drawer; other posts different issue

    I have checked the defroster and I do have the long enough pin and drain is clear. Ice forms (lower down) along with condensate (higher up) on back wall and finds it's way to bottom under veg bins (sometimes in bins). When I dry the water, there are also thin sheets of ice (do it about 1/week)...
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