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    RM255BARB Samsung fridge not cooling

    Samsung Model: RM255BARB I bought house 2yrs ago, this fridge came with it. 2 months ago, the ice maker stopped working automatically. The "manual" button worked, it dumped ice, and refilled but not automatically. A month later, the freezer side slowly began to warm up beyond freezing. Fridge...
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    LG Refrigerator - A piece of styrofoam on condenser causes a rattling noise. Can it be removed?

    Hello. I have an LG GA-B499YECZ refrigerator, and since yesterday it started audibly rattling/vibrating. I removed the back panel, cleaned it, lubed the fan, but the problem seems to be with the small piece of styrofoam on a condenser tube. When I applied pressure there, rattling noise...
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    B26FT70SNS/01 - Bosch Fridge warm, No Ice, 1 Evaporator Solid Ice

    Hello all, looking for any advice available. 12 year old Bosch french door with a drawer freezer. Recently Ice stopped being made...and I noticed ice build up in the freezer. After a lot of youtubing and searching I figured out how to disassemble parts for review. Started in the fridge and...
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    ED5FVGXWS07 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Is this a normal frost pattern? Do I need a defrost thermostat? (or something else..)

    My Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS07 refrigerator is 8 years old. I notice the problem on Wednesday (6/10). The drinks in the refrigerator were noticeably warmer than normal. My refrigerator and freezer don't digitally tell me the temperature, so I have no idea what "normal" was. I always kept the unit on...
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 596.75529400 fan/condenser running frequently

    Hello, I've been reading threads about similar issues but I haven't found a clear answer to what the issue could be on my french door/lower freezer appliance. I first notice an issue with it in July of 2019. One weekend, I noticed the fan was running all the time for at least 24 hours. The...
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    98 642 Sub Zero refrigerator won't defrost and warms up

    Hi! So my sub zero was getting warm in the fridge area so I'm on a mission to figure it out and fix it! First I cleaned out fan and compressor areas in the top of the unit. Second I removed the back cover and discovered the coils had completely frosted over. So I then left it open and defrosted...
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    GFSF6KKXABB GE French Door Refrigerator - Temps in freezer will not keep things frozen

    First it started off that the fridge had water underneath the pull out drawers. Did a google search and found out the drain in the fridge section was stopped up. I took cover off the in the back (inside fridge) and it was frozen up, got it all thawed out and made sure drain was open. Everything...
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    FIXED LRSPC2341SW Refrigerator stopped cooling - fan runs, click-hum-click

    My Fridge stopped cooling. Symptoms: I hear click and a hum, then after 10 seconds another click and the hum stops. I unplugged it for 30 minutes then plugged back in. Still same symptoms. I took off the back panel and cleaned out any dust and lint off fan, coils and vents. I plugged back in and...
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    Kenmore Coldpoint not cooling, condender fan not spinning

    Hello everyone, We have had some unseasonably warm days in SF recently and my old fridge seems to have gone on the fritz. It is old, from 2001 but would like to keep it alive for cost reasons. It has performed great (came with the house we bought last year) but we noticed it does a loud clunk...
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    GE DSF25KGTBBG not cooling, evaporator fan stopped

    Sunday our fridge (GE side-by-side, model DSF25KGTBBG, now 7 years old) started thawing things in the freezer, and freezing some things in the fridge. The ice in the icemaker was completely thawed, with the water from this frozen in the drawer below. The freezer was at 30 degrees, fridge at 52...

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