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  1. E

    GE Monogram refrigerator ZISS360NRSS compressor running hot

    I have a GE monogram fridge that has a compressor that runs very hot. Too hot to touch more than about 5 seconds. But it's definitely running, so not triggering the overheat protection. I inspected the condensor fan, and it is running. The frame in between the 2 compartments is warm, not hot...
  2. T

    FIXED LRSPC2341SW Refrigerator stopped cooling - fan runs, click-hum-click

    My Fridge stopped cooling. Symptoms: I hear click and a hum, then after 10 seconds another click and the hum stops. I unplugged it for 30 minutes then plugged back in. Still same symptoms. I took off the back panel and cleaned out any dust and lint off fan, coils and vents. I plugged back in and...
  3. D

    GE Profile fridge giving me fits!

    Hello. I really need some advice on this. I will give all of the details, as this one has me and a repairman stumped. I am actually working on this fridge for a friend who is financially strapped. It is a GE PSS26MGSABB. Here is what happened: The fridge was manufactured around 2005. I...
  4. T

    FIXED Kenmore Elite compressor fan not working.

    I have a Kenmore Elite side by side which is about 5 years old but just out of warranty. The condensor fan isn't working even when the condenser is running. I replaced the condesor fan with a new one and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? Originally the...
  5. R

    Superba KSRS25 stopped cooling

    My KitchenAid side-by-side fridge/freezer stopped cooling entirely over the holidays, during a 7 day period. The lights and fans are on, but no cooling whatsoever. The compressor cycles about every 1 min, but does not seem to run, and is very hot to the touch. Is this likely to be a sealed...
  6. R

    Kenmore (106) Top freezer fridge not working - lights but no cooling

    I have a Kenmore 106 series top-mount refrigerator, model 70192001 that is not powering on. The lights are working, but the condenser and compressor fans are not running. I do not hear any clicking or attempts by the fridge to start up. This fridge was working a few days ago and stopped after...
  7. B

    Condenser Fan blows which way?

    I am installing a new condenser fan motor in a Maytag refrigerator but am not sure which way the fan should blow. Does it blow towards the compressor or into the condenser? Thanks!
  8. Bladrx

    Time to retire old betsy?

    wanted to give thanks to jake for helping me fix this same fridge a few months ago (replaced bad adc? board, & defrost heater) however looks like shes at the end of her rope. one day i went to get some ice cream and found it melted. and it got worse from there. Now all i hear is a "click" and...

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