constantly running

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    Whirlpool WRX986SIHV Refrigerator runs constantly

    I have a Whirlpool WRX986SIHV refrigerator. It is just over two years old and purchased the extended warranty with it. Lately I have noticed this thing seems to run non stop. The refrigerator is cold and the freezer is freezing. It is not making any loud sounds, it just seems to be running all...
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    Whirlpool refrigerator W4TXNWFWQ03 freezer at 0, fridge too cold, almost constantly runs and frost buildup

    My last fridge was deemed to be a sealed system problem, so I purchased a used one to replace it. BAD idea. It worked great to begin with, but noticed there seemed to be more condensation (everything looked fogged up) inside the fridge most of the time. The freezer also seemed to be a little...
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    KSCS25FTSS02 KitchenAid Refrigerator fan compressor? constantly on with high pitched noise

    Just moved into a new home and a fan in the refrigerator constantly runs. I'm thinking it is the compressor judging by the other posts I've read. It turns off for half a second and then clicks right back on again. The temperature is unaffected and water/ice maker working normally. Last night I...

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