control board beep

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    Oven pushes my buttons and its own! (Whirlpool Gas Range WFG515S0EW0)

    My Whirlpool gas oven (model WFG515S0EW0) is about 4-5 years old. Our previous landlord bought it from an outlet that had it as their floor model - so no warranty. We own the house now. Before Christmas the oven would beep all the time. Looking at the screen it was indicating that the 'cook...
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    Kenmore Coolspot 106.44023602 Cools fine but power cycling with chirp

    I have a Kenmore Coolspot SxS 106.44023602 with a build date of 2007-07 (its an old timer). The fridge and freezer run just fine and cool to setpoint without issues. However, the unit has started an odd behavior of what sounds like a power cycling of some piece of electronics. The fan noise...
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    Keypad control lights do not come on, beeps

    Replaced faulty GE control board (GE part number WD21X10365) with new one. When I plug dishwasher in to power, the new control board emits a constant beep. Keypad control lights do not come on and button pad does not respond. I figured that I got a bad replacement control board, so I...