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    Bosch SHX33A05UC/22 Dishwasher - won't start sprayer cycle

    Hi, My dishwasher will fill water (and will intermittently drain some water too), but the circulation pump/sprayer does not start. In between I can hear a faint electronic hum, as well as the odd relay clicking. After an extended period of time it will give the 5 beeps (as if the wash cycle was...
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    KDFE304DSS0 KitchenAid Dishwasher Control Panel Lights don't stay on

    The dishwasher is connected to a switch. The lights come on after turning the switch off and back on for up to a minute, then go off. The dishwasher still runs but the lights are out.
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    FIXED Sears Kenmore 790.70403012 Gas Oven Oven Not Heating - How to test control panel?

    Hi All, My Kenmore 790.70403012 oven is not heating; at first, I thought it was the igniter so I replaced that, still nothing. I went out and bought a multimeter and checked the continuity of the igniter and it read 180, so that's fine; I then checked the continuity of the safety gas valve...
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    FIXED KUDS30IXSS7 Melted control panel / wire harness connector help!

    Hi - My 6 year old dishwasher started smoking. Sure enough, the control panel was burnt out and melted. I ordered and received the $200 replacement part, but now I see that the one large 4 pin connector that plugs into the control panel is also melted. I would rather avoid replacing the...
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    Jenn Air JES9900BAB Electric Smoothtop Downdraft Slide-In Range is driving me crazy!

    We have a 10 year old Jenn-Air JES9900BAB electric smoothtop downdraft slide-in range that keeps getting worse and worse by the day. When using the touchpad, some buttons no longer respond. 1st, the vent on/off button stopped working, then not long after that, the setup button to set the clock...
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    Part Number Needed 665.15951793 Dishwasher Control Panel

    The "start" button on my dishwasher control panel has become unresponsive unless you take an object and really push hard against the button to actuate it. The control panel, the piece with all the wash option buttons and the start button, appears to have been discontinued - I cannot find a part...
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    Neptune MCG8000AWW Bypass

    I have dual cabinet gas dryer that works in diagnostic mode and shows error code of stuck button. Can't tell which button(s) because all lights don't go out on button test. I suspect Start button, but not sure. 1. How to determine if or which buttons are stuck, especially Start button. 2...
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    KERA807 Membrane Switch Issue

    I purchased a second-hand Kitchenaid KERA807 Architect Series Electric Range. When I got it home, I found that on the front membrane switch for the oven, several of the buttons did not work. I have included a link HERE to a picture of the membrane switch. On this switch the following buttons...
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    ATF6700FS Control panel affinity washer

    Hi, I just replaced the control panel on our affinity front load washer and re assembled machine. When I plugged it in I get flashing lights along the selection dial? Can’t make anything happen. Help!
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    253.28452801 Kenmore freezer erratic control panel & erratic running

    Kenmore upright, auto defrost freezer 253.28452801, mfg'd 06/2008. What I'd like is to verify which components are bad - if possible, instead of just replacing parts & see it it works. One morning the power loss & door ajar lights were on. The door wasn't ajar - nothing wrong w/ gaskets. It...
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    Maytag Neptune MAH8700AWW Control Panel Help

    Howdy, y'all are? I have a great old washer, a Maytag, and I keep it clean (complete with drying the seals and taking good care of it) and it runs like a Swiss watch--when it's running. Which it would be, if the landlord's son hadn't plugged in the washer (that I normally only plug...
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    Frigidaire FPHD2491KF0 not responding

    My Frigidaire FPHD2491KF0 is not responding to touch pad buttons. The only button that responds is the delayed start button. The display itself seems to work. I am thinking I need to replace the Control Panel but is there any chance this is some other issue like the faulty control board? Is...
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    GY399LXUQ05 Most buttons do not work on control panel / keypad

    hello I have a Whirlpool Accubake Smooth top 30" slide in range. The numbers 3,5 & 9 stopped working and then other numbers stopped. The only buttons working right now is cancel, self-clean, broiler, clock and preset. I am tossed between buying a new oven or getting this one fixed. The oven is...
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    FIXED Maytag Neptune MAH5500BWW control panel 3 beeps, won't enter service mode

    Washer (Maytag Neptune MAH5500BWW) control buttons are mostly letting out 3 beeps for any activity. Even pressing OFF button gives 3 beeps. Certain buttons will switch work, as in switching temperature, but overall everything just beeps x3. I've unplugged several times. Have unplugged for 10...
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    GI5FVAXVB02 Replaced display board with new, part confirmed as the right one, wont turn on

    Purchased fridge second hand. Front door control panel flashed on and off a time or so then went black. Stayed dark for a few days then restarted, then repeated again after two days on. Called a tech in who confirmed that the door control panel needed replacement. Purchased part to replace...
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    Control panel light blinking on Kitchenaid dishwasher

    We recently installed the kitchenaid KDTM354ESS1 dishwasher. The wash cycle starts fine but during the 'drying' cycle (or just before the drying cycle start) the control panel light starts blinking and the control panel becomes unresponsive. Pressing on any button doesn't help. If you open the...
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    Control panel for Whirlpool double oven

    I have a Whirlpool double oven Model GBD277PDT6, S/N XL1301002. Had the circuit board recently repaired, but the oven still does not turn on. Seems like the touchpad control panel, or the membrane inside the control panel, is damaged. Actually, the ribbon that connects to the circuit board has...
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    Samsung front load washer won't start anymore

    Hi, 3 Days ago, my samsung washer just stopped working and won't turn on again. checked power source and other basic stuff, all normal. Called a technician and after 15 mins, he said that the Control board needs to be replaced: 500$ + tx. I have several questions: 1: how can I be sure that...
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    Start Button failure

    The Start Button on my GE Wall Oven (JTP15B0A5BB) does not work. After some troubleshooting where I narrowed down the problem to the control panel, I peeled back the front of the panel and inspected the switch for damage. I saw nothing obvious - see attached picture. It appears to be a...
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    Maytag MDG6800AWW keypad lights on-not responding

    The dryer has been beeping randomly, occasionally will work, but less and less frequently. Now it is stuck with sensor dry lit, 54 minutes on display, sensor dry button works, but all others don't, and it isn't starting. I checked some advice. Jake gave someone in other threads about a...