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    FGBM15WCVFB Frigidaire Microwave & Convection Not Preheating

    Barely used FGBM15WCVFB Frigidaire Microwave & Convection appliance convection feature not working. I am following the instructions as stated in the owner's manual yet the appliance is not preheating nor completing a convection cycle. In fact, what I see on the appliance screen is not matching...
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    Kitchenaid electric convection oven KEBS109BSS00 – Not Working, Display Panel out

    Jake, I hope you’re able to help me figure out my issues with my Kitchenaid (Model # KEBS109BSS00) electric convection oven that has recently stopped working. The front left hand part of the Oven Display recently lost illumination (buttons no longer visible), but there is still power to the...
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    Single Thermador oven thinks it's a double

    Hello! I have a single ~13 year old electric Thermador oven (model number plate is too dirty to read). When I try to turn on convection bake it gives the following error "Not available in lower oven". I had a technician come out several months ago to fix the same issue and he resolved it by...
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    Kitchenaid electric convection oven KEBS109BSS00 Error Code F3E0 & clicking

    I have an electric Kitchenaid convection oven (model# KEBS109BSS00) that starts having clicking noises when at or above 400 deg F on Bake. Generally the oven continues to go to it’s required temp (ex. 425 deg) and continues to heat. Today it went to 425 for 10 minutes and then started to click...
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    JB968BH2BB GE Profile Range Convection Issue

    I have a GE Profile Range, Model JB968 and are having issues using the convection mode for the oven. If using bake, the oven heats and holds temps. If using convection, the oven will heat, sometimes to the temp, other times lower but it does not hold the temp. I do not see any glow from the...
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    Bosch Convection Wall Oven not heating

    I replaced a cooling fan on a bosh convection wall oven over the weekend. It was a simple process, but now the unit is not providing any heat on any of the cooking settings. I looked for loose connections, but did not find anything. The fan now works. Any suggestions on what might be wrong? Thanks.
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    KEBC177HWH0 KitchenAid Convection Oven Making Fan Noise

    This single door unit is making a grinding fan-type sound on both convection and non-convection operation. I presume it is the cooling fan - but need idea on how to get at that one to replace. Or is it some other problem? Any tech sheets available? Not good on Thanksgiving Day
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