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    FFCT1378LS Frigidaire Convection microwave will not heat food when microwaving

    So this counter top model still bakes but will not heat food when microwaving. When i opened it up the black wire was snapped and fried crispy. Any ideas about what to replace on this? It cant be as simple as reconnecting the wire, right? It made it about a month outside the warranty. I was...
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    LDG4315ST LG GAS-Range Flame Comes Out Convection vent in Back, and Shut off completely.

    Symptoms: Start the oven by pressing "Start", and the igniter lights up, once you see the flame comes out the vent , and then oven shut off completely with some beeping from the panel, but no error code showing. The fan doesn't spin, because whole thing is less than 1 min. So I don't know if...
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    790.97509000 Kenmore Range - Oven resets (flashing clock) and turns off when in convection mode

    Hello, While running in convection mode the display flickers and dims and eventually the oven just turns off and resets...the clock starts flashing "12:00". I've turned off the circuit breaker and leaving it off for a few minutes, then try again with the same results. If I run it in regular...
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    FIXED Thermador SC302ZP Wiring Diagram? Top oven won't heat during convection

    Have a Thermador SC302ZP/01 double wall oven. It is top convection. On "bake" it seems to work fine. On "convection" it will not heat up (fan runs). Any ideas? Or does anyone have a service manual/wiring diagram for this model?
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    WMH76719CS1 I think daughter killed convection microwave

    As the title states, I’m pretty sure my daughter (accidentally) killed our microwave trying to cook fish sticks. I pheheated the convection & put the metal rack inside. When it was done I asked her to put the fish sticks in for 12 minutes. She apparently disregarded the on screen directions &...
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    FIXED HBN455AUC/01 Bosch Double Oven - Temperatures too low in both ovens

    New home, new appliances, new problems. I have a Bosch HBN455AUC/01 electric double oven. . . ~10 years old. The top oven is convection/conventional; the bottom oven is conventional only. Both ovens have a self-cleaning option which I do not plan to use. Neither oven will reach the set...
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    Frigidaire double oven convection fan not working

    The convection fan on the upper oven is not working. Tested motor and unfortunately that's not the problem. Anything else I can easily test or do I have to replace the motherboard or something.
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    GE Advantium 120 not microwaving, turn table not moving

    I have a GE advantium 120 that is 2 years old. It stopped microwaving today and the turn table doesn't move. Yesterday it worked fine, but today i noticed it was not heating at all. It lights up and sounds like it's working. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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    GE Profile convection oven shut off and won't turn back on.

    Hi all, So while using convection, this unit (also known as PVM9179SFSS) that is only about 6 months out of warranty (typical..) has just simply turned off and no longer turns on. To be more specific, the display does not turn on and is not responding to controls. After taking it down and...
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    Microwave works, convection has no heat

    We use the microwave all the time and seldom use convection feature. Set the temp to 350 and preheated and it never reached temp. opened oven and it is cool to the touch. It functions as though everything is working but has no heat on convection. is there a fuse specific to only convection...
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    GE Profile Convection Microwave Smoking on Convection setting

    GE Profile Convection Microwave smokes with electrical burning smell on Convection use only. No issues during normal microwave use. GE FAQ says some smoking is normal due to dust accumulation, but this seems to be excessive. Any similar experiences to give advice would be appreciated. Doug