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    GE PHP9036DJ2BB induction cooktop blowing fuses

    Hi all, we had a storm roll through a few days ago and had a nearby lightning strike. We were in the kitchen when that strike hit and immediately heard a pop in our induction cooktop. We had the front left burner on at the time. Three breakers including the one for the cooktop tripped. After...
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    SGSX365FS Thermador Cooktop - problems igniting the gas

    My thermador cooktop is starting to have problems igniting the gas. I'm guessing it's a problem with the ignitor, because out of the 5 burners the one we use the least lights up just fine. What is the ignitor part I need to order and is there a video showing how to replace it?
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    Samsung Induction Range NE58H9970WS/AC left side keeps turning off after 5 seconds.

    The left two medium induction burners keep turning off after 5 seconds of being switched on. Right sided large and smaller burners work with no issue. I opened it all up, and troubleshooted following, - tried fault code, but only receive -dE- message, no fault code. - both ceramic fuses are...
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    Bosch cooktop electrode malfunction

    Hello, I have the Bosch Gas Cooktop NGMP655UC. By the way, I would not recommend buying a cooktop from Bosch. The unit is 4 years old and the screws attaching the burners to the top are all corroded and the 2 screws I tried to remove just snapped. I have the following issue with the cooktop. Of...
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    PHP900 Induction cooktop is dead.....

    My fabulous, reliable induction cookstop stop last night as I was cooking potatoes......there was a clunk (I thought for a second the glass had broken) and all the lights when out. The breaker had tripped, so I reset it and nothing.....we've checked the power supply to the breaker and to the...
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    Dacor DRT336SLP Gas Cooktop - Broken Igniter

    The igniter on one of my dual burners has broken in two, and the piece still attached gives a spark too low to ignite the gas. I cannot find any information or videos on how to remove it to install a new one. Has anyone got experience with this model that can tell me the procedure? Thanks.
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    LCE3610SB No Response from LG Glass Cooktop Controls

    Cooked top worked Sunday morning (for bacon, eggs and pancakes). Come lunch time, no response from control panel. Cleaned it thoroughly to ensure it wasn't a contact/conduction issue. The panel doesn't even go through reset cycle when the breaker is toggled. There is power at the whip wires. I...
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    BOSCH NGMP055UC Cooktop- Not sparking

    I have a gas cooktop that does not spark. The cooktop is currently unhooked from the gas line. The LED lights come on when plugged into the 110v. So far I have replaced the wiring harness and the ignition box. I'm afraid that the wiring is incorrect and I am unable to get the unit to spark...
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    My GE Profile gas cooktop: several explosions came from knobs today and later an electrical fire

    Model Number: JPG932KED2CC Brand: GE Age: More than 10 years I had to post this somewhere since I've seen no other similar reports anywhere... Today, while cooking on our GE Profile JPG932KED2CC cooktop, I heard and saw two small "explosions" coming from the control knobs of the burner I was...
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    KGCD807XBL Gas Cooktop Bizarre Igniter Behavior - Help

    Hi Everyone, I come to the forum with a question that I have not thus far encountered on the internet. Here's the deal. We just recently purchased and had professionally installed a KitchenAid 4-burner downdraft natural gas cooktop model KGCD807XBL. The unit works fine except for this odd...
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    FIXED Dacor Cooktop will not ignite

    Dacor cooktop, SGM304, has four gas burners, none of the igniters will spark. I've cleaned the porcelain and brass ring, wiggled the knobs...none of them spark at all. The unit has power because the knobs that control two adjacent electric burners work. (The gas burner controls do not have a...
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    Jenn Air electirc cooktop with two left burners hot

    i have a Jenn Air downdraft electric cooktop that when I turn on any one of the two left dials, both left burners get hot. It happens even when I tried the right cartridge to the left panel. An appliance repair lady said she did not find anything wrong with the wires underneath the dials. What...
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    Wolf CP36 G/S Gas Cooktop 1 igniter has failed.

    I have a Wolf gas range, CP36 G/S. No oven is attached. One of the burners has had a problem for a while, I turn that burner on and the spark unit sparks, the gas starts and lights, but the spark lighter keeps clicking and sparking. Yesterday, that one burner did not ignite...
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    Infinte Switch Part Change

    I am investigating a fire that started with a KitchenAid cooktop, Model # KESA907PSS00. I am specifically looking for the part numbers: 9759781 and 9759782. Those part numbers are the infinite switches for that particular cooktop. I have checked with the manufacturer about ordering these parts...
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    Samsung Induction cooktop problem

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum and glad I found it. Just purchased a Samsung induction freestanding range NE597N0PBSR. Its from a scratch and dent place, so I'm sure this is the reason this reseller had it. The induction top has a flex element that runs front to back, the right side has an...
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    Dacor SGM365S ignitor does not spark

    I have a Dacor SGM365S gas cooktop. I don't have a spark on one of the ignitors. When I clean it with alcohol, it sparks fine but that only lasts for a few minutes. Then, no spark. I believe the ignitor is the problem but am not sure. I would like to know how to replace the burner ignitor and...
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    Kitchenaid 30" Induction Cooktop JUNK!!!

    Model Number: KICU500XSS Brand: KitchenAid Age: Less than 1 year We are very unhappy with our kitchenaid 30” inductioncooktop. Paid approx $1300 and installedin our brand new home. After less thanone week it stopped working. We calledthe distributor (Trumbull Industries) and he...
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite Cooktop - one burner does not light - PLEASE HELP!

    out of 6 burners, the smallest one has never worked well. Repairman (while under warranty) tinkered with it a bit and the burner would usually come on, but was not dependable. Now two years later, it never lights on its own. i have cleaned the burner parts - the spark looks good, coming from...
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    Gas igniter not working/clicking

    I have a GE monogram 36" gas cooktop (ZGU375) and the igniters just stopped clicking a week ago. I opened the cooktop and followed the AC and it seems to hit some sort of a transformer with a label, "Sheng Chien, P/N 4302 050 02239, 120v/220V 25mA, SCD-89086EC03). The AC is there on the...
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    Dacor Cooktop ignitor

    I have a Dacor Preference SGM365 4 burner gas cooktop. One control knob will not cause it's respective burner (or any burner) to spark. If I use another control knob, it does spark and ignite. So the ceramic ignitor works. Is the problem with the knob? Thanks! - Jon
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