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    LFX31925ST LG Refrigerator stopped working suddenly

    Hello Guys, My LG refrigerator LFX31925ST has stopped working suddenly. No cooling in the refrigerator or freezer. No error codes. I removed the back panel and thoroughly cleaned the compressor and condenser coils. Condenser fan is working. Compressor also seems to work - humming and warm to...
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    CYE22USHISS GE Cafe Refrigerator - FF area staying pretty consistent at 56-63F

    My fridge is only 1.5 years old and it has stopped cooling in the FF area. Anything placed in the bottom drawer of the fridge is freezing up, but the upper half is sitting at high 50's low 60's. I've had both the thermostat and thermistor for the FF heater replaced, but still have the same...
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    FIXED LG Refrigerator LMXS30776S - not cooling in freezer, fridge or ice maker

    Suddenly my 6 year old LG refrigerator quit cooling in all compartments and ruined all my food. I did a lot of troubleshooting with the repair manual and am usually adept at appliance repair, but this has me stumped. So far, I have done the folllowing: Checked for errors on the display and...
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    GE Side by Side; Clicking every 2-5 Minutes, replaced Capacitor and Start Relay

    I purchased a house two years ago, and it had all new appliances. The refrigerator is only 2.5 years old. Recently, my fridge started to click every 2-5 minutes and stopped cooling. I cleaned the condenser coils, and replaced the start relay and capacitor. When I first replaced just the start...
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    FIXED 106.51713411 Evaporator Fan intermittently stops working

    Hi! New here and was impressed by all the threads that have been posted and the responses received. Hoping that someone can help me figure this out too. We got a Kenmore Elite Coldspot Side-by-Side, Counter depth refrigerator about 3 years ago. About 6 weeks ago, the evaporator fan stopped...
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    JBL2088HES Jenn-air not cooling

    Refrigerator is not cooling. I did a continuity test and checked for a dead short all which seem to check out ok. I bought a new capacitor and start relay but it still is not cooling. The compressor is running but it is not hot to the touch. All fans are running. Any help would be appreciated
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    Amana side by side freezer only cools to 25 deg F

    Over the past several months I have noticed that the cooling in the freezer side has lessened now to the point that ice cream would just stay soft. The frig side seems to be fine. After reviewing similar problems and solutions on various online-sites I have performed the following actions...
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    Samsung RSG257AABP not cooling to set points

    What a great forum!. I have learned a lot. I am looking for help with my Samsung side by side frig. Problem: for the past couple of months the frig will not cool the frig or freezer to the set points applied. I have set freezer to -14F and frig to 34F. Actual thermometer temps are 22F...
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    Freezer gets cold, but won’t freeze

    A few weeks ago it started beeping. The same noise that tells you that you left the door open for too long. The beep kept beeping despite all the doors being closed. I checked all the gaskets, and door switches, everything was solid. I turned it off and on from the control panel at the top of...
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    Fridge and Freezer not maintaining temperature

    Hi, I have a Samsung fridge model # RB1855SL When the fridge and freezer gets to the correct temp it will not maintain. When I unplug it it will read a higher temp and compressor will kick on and cool fridge and freezer. I have replaced the main control board located in the back where the...
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    FIXED GE Motherboard woes, fridge not cooling, howling fan, bad ice/water dispensers

    Our 12 year old PSS26MGPAWW stopped cooling recently and required a "kick in the side" to start back up (actually tapping it in the back in various places). Since the coolness settings were 9 and 9, once it started up, it stayed on for a very long time and all seemed well until it stopped...
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    Refrigerator cooling problem. Turns on and off constantly sometime through night until open door.

    I'm having an issue with this refrigerator that I'll try to explain here but may be a little hard to explain so I'll keep it simple for starters. The refrigerator works great when it is working which seems to be during the day time. The issue is at some point through the night apparently the...