cooling problem

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    Kenmore Elite Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer cooling issues model 106.54786802

    Hello! I'm new to the forum but I have spent a lot of time browsing posts over the last few days trying to find more information regarding my cooling issue. About a week ago we noticed things starting to defrost in the freezer. Initially I pulled the evaporator coil cover off and found a big...
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    GS6SHAXML00 Whirlpool Fridge & Freezer stopped cooling, replaced start device, stopped again

    Greetings. I have a Whirlpool Conquest and the fridge and freezer both stopped cooling (when doors were open, the lights were on, but no activity from the fan and compressor). Prior to it going out, there was an audible clicking which sounded like it was coming from the front right but I am...
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    Maytag Plus - MSD2556AEW - Not cooling at all

    This refrigerator stopped cooling a while back. Today I found the time to really tear into it. Here's what I found. No frost built up. In fact, the cooling fins in the freezer were room temperature. The defrost element was NOT on. The defrost element was also room temperature. The condenser was...
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    FIXED LRSPC2341SW Refrigerator stopped cooling - fan runs, click-hum-click

    My Fridge stopped cooling. Symptoms: I hear click and a hum, then after 10 seconds another click and the hum stops. I unplugged it for 30 minutes then plugged back in. Still same symptoms. I took off the back panel and cleaned out any dust and lint off fan, coils and vents. I plugged back in and...
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    106.52282201 Kenmore Coldspot - burning plastic smell and clicking sound

    Last night we experienced an intense burning plastic smell emanating from the refrigerator. We shut it down for a time and restarted. It appeared to continue to run normally but started to lose cold temperature in both the freezer and refrigerator. Removed the food and checked the lower front...
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    KitchenAid Fridge Won't Get Cool

    Hi, I've had my fridge for over 7 years and recently have had problems with it. Everything works fine except for the fact that neither the fridge or freezer seem to be working/cooling. I've turned off the entire system (unplugged it), cleaned it up and turned it on again but it still won't cool...