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    GE 220v Inverter Fridge (GSE28VGBECSS) fluctuating temps and issues.

    Hey everyone. Hope I can get some assistance with my fridge that I have been trouble shooting for weeks now. It all started 2 years ago when the fridge stopped cooling properly. I called a technician (who I now know was not a professional) to have a look at it. He told me that with these new...
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    795.51833.412 Kenmore refrigerator stops working when freezer door is open.

    OK so our Kenmore refrigerator quit cooling all of a sudden. after checking everything I found that it quits working ONLY when the freezer door is closed. If I open the freezer door the fans come on and it blows cold air. I used a magnet to trip the door light with the freezer door open and...
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    106.51133213 Kenmore Coldspot fridge not cooling properly. Freezer works fine

    I have a second hand refrigerator that the fridge side isnt cooling, but the freezer is working great. I can hear the motor and fan run. This was working fine a week ago but I noticed that it slowly getting warmer. Any help is really appreciated very tight on cash and would live to learn how...
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    FIXED GFE29HGDHBB GE Fridge not cooling to the right temperature; evap fan working well

    I've just fixed the fridge not cooling due to evap fan failure: https://www.applianceblog.com/mainforums/threads/ge-gfe28hghebb-not-holding-the-fridge-temp-freezer-seems-ok.91320/ But because I'm continuing to monitor the fridge, I'm disappointed that it's not cooling to the right temperature...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRS571CIDM01 Cooling cycle not functioning properly

    Whirlpool WRS571CIDM01 side by side – Cooling cycle issues Minimally experienced DIYer. Having already diagnosed and repaired the terribly designed ice maker door wire situation w/ the WRS571CIDM01 model thanks to this forum, I come looking for help. Tuesday evening found refrigerator side not...
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    LG Refrigerator LSC27931SB - sensor that beeps when the door is left open, then it quit cooling

    This refrigerator has a sensor that beeps when the door was left open, and then it quit cooling. A repairman came out once before, and pulled a cover off inside the refrigerator, reprogrammed it, and it worked fine. Cost for 5 minutes, $80. Can anyone tell me how I would do this so I can try...
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    KRMF706ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator not cooling evap fan not working

    KRMF706ESS01 refrigerator not cooling. Original owner bought in 2016 and we bought house in 2020. Its done this last year when power went out and all i had to do was unplug fridge and plug her back up....This time, not so lucky. Called American home shield and of course I found out its not...
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    WRV986FDEM01 Whirlpool Refrigerator Temp is not consistent in the upper section only

    Refrigerator is approx. 3 years old, and i have have had multiple techs come out to look at the issue with my refrigerator. Problem: Temp is not consistent in the upper section only - freezer compartment has never had any issues. Only the top section. Temp set to 35 deg in refrigerator and it...
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    FFUS2613LS4 Frigidaire side-by-side gradually became incompetent at cooling in both compartments

    Hi, Fridge is 7 years old and the only work done on it was a Control Panel replacement in 2016 by an amateur (me) because the fridge wouldn't turn on at all. Began noticing improper cooling symptoms since 2018 whenever there was a lot of heat in kitchen for example lot of cooking. Control...
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    Samsung Fridge - Blinks FD when plugged in, inconsistent cooling (Videos)

    I have a Samsung RB1944 and it's a problem fridge. For a long time, it would ice up, finally I gave in and replaced all the sensors in the freezer section. Now: When I plug in the fridge, it blinks FD If I wait, it'll just keep blinking. I assume this means "Forced Defrost" but I don't know...
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    KBLS22KWMS6 KitchenAid Refrigerator randomly stops cooling until unplugged.

    Hello, I want to thank you in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this! I bought a used fridge about a month and a half ago. After having it plugged in and running for around 3 weeks it randomly stopped cooling the fridge and freezer. All lights were operating but compressor was not...
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    FIXED TPX24BIBEBB GE Side-by-side Top not cold

    Good morning all, Thanks for taking the time to help me diagnosis the issue with my fridge. I'm really trying to avoid paying $1,000 for a new one! I have a side-by-side GE fridge; the sticker on the back says it was manufactured in 1999. The issue started a week or two ago. The top of the...
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    JFC2089HES Jenn-Air Freezer and Refrigerator Not Cooling

    I have a Jenn Air JFC2089HES (french door, bottom freezer) refrigerator that was purchased by my home's previous owner in 2007 and the fridge has been working flawlessly up until about a week ago. I woke up one day and when I went to the freezer, I noticed that the items inside had partially...
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    FIXED FGHS2631PF Not Cooling properly

    Hi there. Last night we came home and noticed the refrigerator (about 4 years old) was displaying some crazy temps. -21 on the freezer side and 54 on the refrigerator side. Fridge definitely felt warm, and I couldn't hear the compressor running. So I pulled it out from the wall, unplugged it and...
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    FRT18LRH Fridge / freezer not cooling enough....recently transported

    I just hooked up a new to me fridge and after 30 hours running the temperature in the fridge & freezer has only cooled to: freezer 5c (41f) and fridge 9c (48f). I can hear both the compressor and evaporator fan running and the compressor is warm (almost hot) to the touch. The seals look almost...
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    New Window A/C Making Buzzing/Vibrating Noise

    I recently purchased a new General Electric 6,050 BTU air conditioner, model AEZ06LT. It was installed with no issues and when we first turned it on it was wonderful and quiet. However, a few minutes later it began making a loud buzzing/vibrating noise. If I switched the unit off and then back...
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    Frigidaire not cooling, replaced parts need next step.

    Hi, I noticed the fridge wasn't cooling enough to freeze and there was a large frost build up on the right side coming out of the vents. Found a faulty defrost timer and replaced it. Now the freezer won't get below 40. All fans are running. What should I check next? There is no more frost build...
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    Whirlpool GS6SHAXMB00 cooling problem.

    I like my refrigerator and its been running strong for over 10 years without a problem till now. I took an Ice cream yesterday from freezer and it was melted. Then I tried a Pepsi from other side and it was warmer than I liked. The refrigerator still cooling a bit but not enough. I put...
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    Frigidaire wall oven - front panel gets very hot when oven is on. Cooling fan doesn't turn on

    We recently moved into a house that has a Frigidaire professional series wall oven. Model CPEB30S8CC2. When baking or broiling, the front panel gets very hot to the touch when oven is on for a while and the cooling fan does not turn on. When we recently ran a "Clean" cycle, the cooling fan...
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    A thank-you and Qs

    I'd like to thank those in this forum for posting their appliance problems and Jake for his answers. I noticed over several days that our fridge was gradually getting worse at cooling. I adjusted the thermostat up very slightly a couple days ago, but the problem worsened. Yesterday, we noticed...

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