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    RF4289HBRS Samsung refrigerator screen cracked.

    Just bought a house and the screen on the refrigerator is cracked. We can’t change the temperature or use any functions. I can’t find a new or even a used part ( DA59-00525A ) as it’s discontinued. Any chance I can somehow replace the screen between the liquid crystal and the exterior ? Or...
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    SAMSUNG RS267TDBP Fridge with cracked water supply line (below the door)

    Help! My Samsung Refrigerator has a cracked water line below the freezer door where it goes up to the water dispenser in the freezer door. (see attached leaking white line photo) The good news is that it's not a constant leak. It only sprays water from the cracked line when I dispense...
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    MBR2258XES0 Broken refrigerator liner/shelf support

    I have a broken shelf support (the little white bump outs) that has broken and cracked from the crisper drawer hitting it every time. Any suggestions on repair? Was thinking sugru and silicone for support but not sure if the drawer will slide over it.
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