crisper drawer freezing

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    CFE28TSHSS GE Refrigerator Deli Drawer Freezing Food

    We have a CFE28TSHSS and recently the bottom drawer within the refrigerator has been freezing food. We checked that the temp selection was at the warmest "Deli" setting. We emptied the whole thing and let it thaw and did a deep cleaning, it was turned off for about 10 hours. Plugged it back in...
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    FIXED GE French Door Style GYE22HSKBSS - Refrigerator Crisper drawer freezing, Top warm, Freezer working

    I have a GE French Door Refrigerator Freezer, GYE22HSKBSS, the freezer is working fine. Refrigerator is freezing items in the Crisper drawer, the rest of and especially the top of refrigerator is warm. I've read some different posts and it seems like I possibly need to replace a thermistor or...
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    Crisper Freezing, Ice on Crisper Air Supply Nozzle

    My Upper "Fresh Drawer" Crisper (not the Meat Drawer) is freezing with some ice forming on it and the Crisper Air Supply Duct or Nozzle is also forming ice - as quickly as a couple of hours after I scrape the ice off. So it seems that the air coming out of the Crisper Air Supply is too cold -...