cycle starts then stops

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    LG Model LDT5678ST Dishwasher leveling issue - Cycle Stops

    I have a LG dishwasher model LDT5678ST purchased open box. When I attempt to start it, it doesn’t start unless I lift up on the door when closing just so. Almost like there’s some leveling sensor that is faulty. This has been the case since it was first installed probably 7 months back but it...
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    KUDS30FXPA2 2011 KitchenAid Dishwasher Turns off mid cycle

    First 3 years dishwasher worked fine. Then it started to stop mid cycle and not complete. It cancel/drains. We have had every part of the dishwasher replaced through extended warranty, the motherboard was replaced 3 times already. Works sometimes, but lately less than more. KitchenAid will not...
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    Dishwasher stops in mid cycle with no control panel lights then comes back on after it cools down.

    This is an older KithchenAid but still runs and cleans good. It had this same problem last year so I replaced the thermal fuse with wires and the unit worked wonderfully for about 6 months but now it is doing the same thing again. So I found if I set up a fan to blow on it while I run it, it...
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    FGHD2433KF1 Flashes "er"

    Frigidaire Starts to fill, the vent opens/closes, opens/closes, then it stops filling and flashes er We start the dishwasher, it starts to fill, I can hear the vent opening and closing continuously then it stops filling. I set the latch so the machine would think the door was closed so i could...
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