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    Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator GI5SVAXVL01 compressor stays on for 5 seconds and off.

    I noticed water at the bottom of the freezer and things starting to defrost. We just had a bad storm in which we lost power. Not sure if that was the factor. All the lights work, fan works, front panel works. The compressor kicks on for 5 seconds and turns off. It does this every few...
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    ATF6700FE0 Frigidaire Washer - Can't change cycles

    I have a Frigidaire ATF6700FE0. It is stuck on "Quick" cycle. The cycle knob will not change cycles, turning the knob changes settings on spin, soil, options settings. Those settings can still be changed with their respective buttons. The cycle knob seems to go directly into the control...
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    Hello everyone, I'm handy with tools but a Washer Amateur. I have plenty of experience doing replacements and fix-its on appliances and cars. I'm having trouble working on our Roper washing machine. Model no. RTW4340SQ0. The timer stopped working when I noticed the first spin was going on 45...
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    FIXED MVWC6ESWW1 Maytag Centennial, Cycles mixed up, clothes wet at the end.

    My clothes came out dripping wet which started this entire problem. So I did a spin cycle and they came out wet again. Ran another spin cycle and this time I stood there and listened and heard the water come on toward the end of the spin cycle and again everything was soaked. I had to do a...
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    GDF540HGDWW GE dishwasher cycles the drain pump

    Hello My new GE dishwasher works fine but I think it is doing something weird (I have never seen before) during the drain cycle. Every time it drains it starts and stops, by that I mean it starts to drain, then it stops for a second, it starts again, then stops for a second again. It does this...
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    Washer goes through cycles in delicate, does not advance past wash cycle in normal or heavy duty

    Last night during a normal cycle, a sock got wedged in where the water filters out. Since then, the washer will work fine in delicates with all cycles, but will not advance in normal and heavy duty - it just stays in wash cycle. Is it the timer? Any information would be helpful.
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    Kenmore HE2t only runs some functions

    I have a Kenmore HE2t front-loading washer (Model #110.47571600) which I purchased new in July 2007. Until today, it worked well. My wife pulled some blankets out of the adjacent dryer, apparently generating static electricity. She then touched the power button on the HE2t, and received a...
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    WTW4950XW3 Wont Advance Cycle

    This washer of mine JUST passed being one year old Dec. 6th and that is nearly the day I started having problems with it. For the first year without issue, it would fill, wash, drain and spin no problem. Then around Dec. 6th, it would fill, wash, drain, but would no longer spin. Even after...
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    Makes noise between cycles Wont spin all water out.

    Our washer began making a loud noise when switching between cycles.Seems to agitate okay by the time it reaches spin it will start to spin then quit before it reaches full spin speed. Let sit a couple minutes and it will try again usually with same result. Already replaced the Timer, Lid Switch...