1. K

    110.97588210 Gas Dryer Burner Repeats Sequence: 40 Seconds on, 2 Minutes Off

    I pulled the lower access panel on my dryer and saw the igniter glow, then a nice blue flame for 40 seconds, then the flame goes out for two minutes, then the sequence is repeated over and over. This is with the dryer in "Timed Dry" mode with the temperature control set to cotton (high). I was...
  2. J

    110.66812690 Kenmore 80 Series Low Setting is too hot

    The dryer is frequently too hot when used on the low setting. It can get hot enough that the clothes feel surprisingly hot to the touch. Here's what I've checked so far: 1. Airflow from the dryer and through the vent are both good 2. Heater element is NOT shorted and I can see it switch on...
  3. T

    DDE7209RALWW Electric dryer heat doesn't go off, get's too hot.

    The clothes dryer just gets hotter and hotter. I thoroughly cleaned out the lint but that didn't fix it. I monitored the output air temp and turned it off when it reached 160 degrees. I suspect the cycling thermostat has failed. I want to remove the one in it to be sure I get the correct...
  4. M

    Ice maker won't run harvest cycle unless wire-bail switch is flipped off then on again?

    My ice maker works great in every respect save one - it won't cycle automatically! The only way it will harvest is if I lift up on the (ice bucket full/auto-off) wire-bail-switch to the "Off" position and then back down to the "On" position. I've tried applying a jumper to the "T" and "H" test...
  5. J

    Refrigerator Constantly Cycling

    This is a problem I've always had with this circa-1990 refrigerator. Sometimes it turns on and off every 10 seconds or so for ten minutes at a time. This might not happen for months, then happens multiple times per day. When it is misbehaving this way, moving the thermostat knob in the...