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    MRES30S Dacor oven - front touch panel is loose

    I have a Dacor MRES30S oven and the front oven touch panel is loose. I was hoping to find some instructions on how to open up the front area but I cannot find any teardown instructions. Any guides out there?
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    ERSD48 Dacor 48" Dual Fuel Clock and Control Panel Resets Every Few Minutes

    I am guessing on the age. I just purchased it and hooked it up today. The Control Panel is resetting every few minutes. I first noticed it when I turned both ovens on to blast out some of the dust. I was waiting for the heat to start to rise when the panel went blank, and after a few seconds...
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    FIXED Dacor Cooktop will not ignite

    Dacor cooktop, SGM304, has four gas burners, none of the igniters will spark. I've cleaned the porcelain and brass ring, wiggled the knobs...none of them spark at all. The unit has power because the knobs that control two adjacent electric burners work. (The gas burner controls do not have a...
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    Help Locating Parts for DACOR Cooktop, Model C200, Ser. No. I723008, INFINITY SWITCH

    Need help identifying correct part for an electric cooktop made by Dacor in 1987, model C200, serial no. I723008. Can anyone direct me to the correct parts diagram? If not this stove, then perhaps something newer that might use similar parts? The switch I need is rated 240 VAC, and 15 Amps...
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    Dacor SGM365S ignitor does not spark

    I have a Dacor SGM365S gas cooktop. I don't have a spark on one of the ignitors. When I clean it with alcohol, it sparks fine but that only lasts for a few minutes. Then, no spark. I believe the ignitor is the problem but am not sure. I would like to know how to replace the burner ignitor and...
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    Dacor Cooktop ignitor

    I have a Dacor Preference SGM365 4 burner gas cooktop. One control knob will not cause it's respective burner (or any burner) to spark. If I use another control knob, it does spark and ignite. So the ceramic ignitor works. Is the problem with the knob? Thanks! - Jon