damaged cabinets

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    MDB8959SAB0 Maytag Dishwasher water inlet steam rotted cabinet.

    Hi Guys, this is my first post and hopefully I put all the information needed into this post. My dishwasher is a Maytag MDB8959SAB0. I purchased it in 2012. I recently decided to replace my flooring and when i pulled out my dishwasher the side of the kitchen cabinet was moist and rotten. I...
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    Leaking Dishwasher and damage to cabinets and drywall This could save you thousands of dollars!

    How to avoid costly damage to cabinets and flooring during a leak. 1) Inside any cabinet that has a water supply you need to use a clear caulk to seal all around the inside bottom perimeter of the cabinet. This will keep water from leaking into the wood joint and encourage the water to find...