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    FRS6B5EEW3 Frigidaire Refrigerator - Damper Motor Circuit Help

    Hello! I am working on a hobby project with a modified refrigerator (model FRS6B5EEW3) that involves needing to understand how the damper (# 241600902) motor circuit works. In general, I think I grasp that at the extent of its movement, the damper flips a switch that signals the power in the...
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    Frigidaire Refrigerator FFHS2311LBQA Damper Control - Service Mode Test 5

    Frigidaire Model FFHS2311LBQA issue with warm Fresh Food side. Seemed to start after area-wide power outages. Service Mode Test 9 showed Error Codes 5,6,27. Ran Damper Motor Test 5-A, Display ="0". Test 5-B, Display ="_". Test 5-C, Display ="_" But the motor continues to run, indicating "a...
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    RS261MDRS Samsung Refrigerator - Damper not opening or closing. Installed new damper control unit, same issue

    My damper door isnt opening or closing so i ordered a new one and the same issue with the brand new part. When i plug it in and move the cool settings on the panel, the damper door does nothing. Everything else works on the fridge except the door. Any advice on why?
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    FIXED GX5SHDXVB01 Whirlpool Fridge Warm, Freezer Cold

    We're getting the warm fridge, cold freezer symptom. I ordered the recommended Damper Control WPW10196393 & it arrived today. I opened the YouTube video - but it's for the wrong fridge. The video is for the "French Door" - side-by-side model. Ours is the freezer-under model. I went ahead and...
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    Evaporator fan keeps cycling on and off.

    I have a Kenmore side by side with icemaker and water dispenser. My evaporator fan on startup cycles on and off many times before it will stay on and keep running. It does not matter if the compressor is starting or not. I have seen many posts about this problem with my brand and others but no...
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    An electric motor has often problems to start

    Our refrigerator is still working, but it has a strange behavior. Sometimes we can hear a motor starting for only a second, then it stops, starts again for two seconds, stops, runs again for some more seconds, stops, etc. It always runs a little bit longer. Sometimes the motor starts more than...
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