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    Danby Dehumidifier -- how to remove panels / case - humidity reading at 90% constantly

    I have a Danby Model DDR060BFCWDB Dehumidifier (Purchased new in 2019) and it has been working fine up until about 2 weeks ago. The humidity level is continually reading 90% which is wrong first of all (actual is around 60%) and secondly, based on this reading, one would think the compressor...
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    DBC2760BLS Built-in Beverage Center/Wine Cooler mystery

    I have the following Danby product: https://www.ajmadison.com/cgi-bin/ajmadison/DBC2760BLS.html It stopped cooling about a month ago, getting down only to about 55 degrees. It has been housed under the counter for many years, without any meaningful back ventilation, and the front panel is...
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    DKC586BL Danby PC Board 586.26 for kegerator

    Looking for an obsolete PC board Danby PN 586.26
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    Danby Fridge/freezer thermostat

    Hello everyone, I had a defective thermostat in this fridge and replaced it, but total forgot the path of travel of the thermostat wire. Should it go through the freezer and down into the fridge into its holder ? Or does it only go in the fridge compartment? The wire is pretty long so I’m a...
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    How to Wire a 3 in 1 Hard Start Capacitor to my small Danby Fridge

    Hello, I have the 3 wires connected to the pins on the compressor with ease. What is stumping me is connecting the other two black wires to the power supply. Given the number of wires coming out of areas like the electronic circuit board (white box to bottom left) I am not sure where to...
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    Danby Small Refrigerator Model# DFF100C2BSSDD - 2 Years Old from Costco

    Hello, would appreciate any help with our Danby Fridge. The problems: 1) Compressor kicks in and kicks out when first plugged in; 2) Food in fridge is freezing at warmest temp; 3) LED lights are flashing continuously with door open or closed. With research so far i'm thinking it may be the...
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    Danby Silhouette Select DWC93BLSST Wine Fridge No Longer Cools

    Hi All, I have a Danby Silhouette Select DWC93BLSST wine fridge which no longer cools. The interior lights work, the thermostat display is on, the interior evaporator fan runs and the cooling fan for the condenser coils runs. The condenser coils are clean. I can hear the compressor relay click...
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    DBC514BLS Danby beverage fridge not cooling below 50 degrees

    I have a Danby Silhouette beverage fridge model DBC514BLS that does not cool below 50 degrees, it is 3 years old. I have cleaned the coils, both fans run (constantly), the compressor is running (vibrating when touched) but it is also hot to the touch. I have it off and when last powered on I...
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    Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler Not Cooling - 2 Different Units

    I have two Danby Silhouette Wine Coolers that came with my house when I purchased it. I live in a townhome complex and the builder used these same wine coolers in all of our units. They all have stopped working (8 in total). My neighbors have replaced theirs but I am determined to find a...
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    DBC039A1BDB Danby Beverage Center Not Cooling Below 50F

    Hi, I'm new to the thread. I searched but could not find the answer to my problem. I have a Danby Beverage Center (4.5 cu ft mini fridge) that will no longer cool below 50F (normal down to 39F). The compressor runs full time and gets hot over time. The coils inside the fridge get cold and...
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    Danby DDW1899WP-1 dumps all water after filling

    We have a Danby portable dishwasher. A few months ago, it started having a problem where it would fill with water when we started a cycle, but there would be a delay when the wash cycle should start. It would then dump all the water back out into the sink and start beeping and flashing a...
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    Danyby Wine Cooler Compressor Very, Very Hot

    13-year old cooler no longer cools. Thermostat OK. With power on, cannot hear compressor, or feel any vibration, but compressor gets so hot that it cannot be touched. The lines leading to the compressor also get hot. When I first turn the compressor on, after it has cooled off, I can talk...
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    Danby Wine Cooler, Not cooling

    Hi I have a Danby wine cooler, model DBC514BLS The fridge is not staying cool. From what I can tell all the fan are running, the power works ok. And I can change the temperture on the display. I brought it in from my freezing cold garage today. And i set the temperature to 4°C and it started...
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    Drain hose dimensions for Danby DDW497W portable

    Hi there, I have a Danby DDW497W portable dishwasher that has a broken drain hose, I over tightened the plastic nut and it broke :wall:. I'm trying to create a replacement hose because the OEM ones aren't very good quality. The biggest problem I'm having right now is trying to find a...
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    Danby portable dishwasher will not drain

    I purchased the dishwasher unused about five months ago and installed it myself. No problems, was working great. About a month ago something started going wrong: it would fill with water, complete part of a cycle, then stop without draining and a flashing red LED would appear. I was able to...
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    DWC512BLS Danby wine fridge has power but not cooling

    Hi, I have a Danby Silhouette 51 bottle wine fridge that no longer cools. Actually it stopped cooling after about 3.5-4 years so I put it in the garage as a "project", but only recently started working on it. Sheesh. While I'd love to get it running, I also like to tinker and am curious to...
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    FIXED DDW1899WP Danby not draining not drain pump or anything obvious

    Hi I was looking for some help with a problem dishwasher. It's a danby portable and it keeps stopping after wash cycle and not draining. It's a portable I did have it plumbed in permanently with a few minor alterations and has worked fine for nearly 2 years. It stop's and beeps 20 times roughly...

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