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dead microwave

  1. J

    WOC54EC0AS02 Stacked Whirlpool Microwave/Oven Dead

    My 2005 Whirlpool WOC54EC0AS02 died when I was preheating the oven with the microwave running. The circuit breaker tripped as well. After resetting the breaker (which stayed in), the control panel was dark and nothing worked. I pulled the unit from the cabinet and found no voltage on the L1...
  2. zamboknee

    LFMV1645TF Frigidaire microwave died. New fuse?

    Our Frigidaire LFMV1645TF microwave died in the middle of useage. Breaker didn’t trip, the outlet is fine. I’m wondering if it’s just the fuse inside blowing. Can I just replace the fuse here or do I need a new microwave?
  3. A

    Whirlpool WMH3101FS0 microwave doesn't work after Switch Door Replacement

    Hi, I need a little help with a Whirlpool microwave. Initially, when we opened the door, the light was blinking but the microwave was still working. I did some research and I found the issue could have been one of the door switches. So, I ordered a new set but while I was waiting for the...
  4. C

    MMV5207AAW Maytag Microwave Completely Dead

    Hi, My microwave was completely dead when I went into the kitchen one morning. No clock and no light when I opened the door. No response when pushing the keypad. I confirmed the outlet is live. I removed the extrusion above the unit and saw thru the grill a fuse which I removed with...

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