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    GE dishwasher GDF610PMJ2ES completely dead

    Our GE dishwasher model# GDF610PMJ2ES about a week ago just died. No power, no lights, I reset the breaker just to double check, and the breaker was fine. The dishwasher is dead to the world HELP! It’s only 4 years old
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    LG LWC3063ST Combo Microwave / Wall Oven - Died mid microwaving

    Help! I have a 2 year old LG LWC3063 combo microwave wall oven. It was 7 seconds into a microwave cycle and the whole unit completely went dead. Display, microwave, lower oven, everything. Since then I have: - Checked the main breaker - GOOD - Confirmed power is coming into the unit - GOOD -...
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    GE GDF620HMJ0ES Dishwasher no light on door panel and one blink LED

    I recently purchased an entire appliance set off of someone and before taking the appliances all them were ran and made sure they worked. The dishwasher ran fine, brought it home and placed in the garage while we finished the kitchen. After about a week I went to install the dishwasher. I...
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    Indesit fridge freezer stopped working

    We have an Indesit fridge freezer from about the late 0's. We noticed the fridge was not cool, and in fact got warm on top. Turns out the years of weight on the door had bent it just enough to misalign the light switch with the bump it should press against. The bulb ended up melting the...
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    WMH76719CS1 I think daughter killed convection microwave

    As the title states, I’m pretty sure my daughter (accidentally) killed our microwave trying to cook fish sticks. I pheheated the convection & put the metal rack inside. When it was done I asked her to put the fish sticks in for 12 minutes. She apparently disregarded the on screen directions &...
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    FIXED Roper RTW4340SQ0 washer stopped working

    The washer stopped working at the drain/spin cycle so the washer is full of water. Took laundry out and messed with it some but not getting anything to happen, other than when I changed the water level to higher amount and started it, it did fill up further but nothing else. It will not agitate...
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    363.9752784 Kenmore refrigerator stopped working - no lights, no compressor, no fan

    I moved a Kenmore refrigerator (freezer on top) from my wife's old condo to the garage at our house about half a mile away. It was working fine at the condo for many years without issue. I plugged it into the GFCI protected outlet in our garage and it turned on and seemed to be working. The...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Duet Dryer Control Panel Replaced (Twice), Worked, Now Non-functioning Again

    Hello, I recently had to repair my dryer as it was non-responsive from the control panel but had the tub light on and following the advice of this forum (FIXED Whirlpool Duet GEW9250PW0 Dryer is down) I was able to replace the Control Panel Touchpad User Interface and the dryer worked! For a...
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    GE Arctica Side By Side just died?

    Hi the forum. This is our 2nd fridge. Great fridge all the bells and whistles. Purch new from Lowe's however 10 years and 2 months later ( compressor has 10 year warrantee ) the entire fridge ( computer readouts on display panel inlcuded ) is dead minus the light. Anyway to easily...
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    Compressor not coming on

    The top and bottom fans are both working. The inside light is working too. When I plug the refrigerator in the wall both fans immediately start running and never stop. The compressor does absolutely nothing. The only sound in that area is coming from the fan. (Seems to me anyway) I've read a...
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    FIXED Kenmore Dryer Model #110.86870800 dead

    After a few cycles recently, my dryer just stopped working. I didn't hear or smell anything unusual. After reading the posts, I cleaned out the vent (which wasn't bad at all), then ordered and replaced the thermal fuse. When I replaced it, the dryer ran for about 20 minutes and then shut down...
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    Kenmore 110.14112300 water full no functions work

    Hello, I have a Kenmore 110.14112300 washer. I loaded my clothes, chose normal cycle and off i went. When i returned the washer was full of water and the water was soapy. None of the settings on the dial worked. I can't spin/rinse, nothing, the knob does pull and push and it does turn. Next day...
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    70 series dead or blown fuse?

    I had an extra big load in the washer, motor was straining and then nothing. Is there a fuse or relay? I have the cover off and can't find anything resembling a fuse. HELP! THANKS, JIM