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defrost cycle

  1. E

    WRF989SDAH03 Defrost cycle

    I am trying to figure out what appears to be a common defrost problem with this refrigerator. This is a dual evaporator unit. My question is how does the warmed air get from the FC to the RC evaporator? Looking at the RC evap, I don't see any noticeable path. I can tell that the defrost coil...
  2. J

    106.54783803 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Excessive Water from Freezer Defrost

    Hello, I have a Kenmore Elite with french doors, 106.54783803, manufactured June 2010. Every day, so much water drains out of the freezer that the drip pan underneath of it overflows (I can hear the water trickling out during the defrost cycle). I can see that excessive ice builds up on the...
  3. B

    106.51133210 Kenmore Refrigerator - Defrost not working - broken wire

    I have a Kenmore 106.51133210 fridge that stopped cooling. Pulling the freezer back panel, the evaporator was completely packed with ice. While thawing, and looking over the unit, I noticed that a wire going to the freezer door (control panel is in that door) was broken - held only by a small...
  4. J

    Kenmore Refrigerator 596.71814101 coil frosting

    I have an older Kenmore 596.71814101 fridge that I use for a beer fridge. The problem is that the element in the freezer freezes up and doesn’t allow cold air to travel to the fridge. The fans seem to work the condenser works, I don’t think that it defrosts. Every few weeks I have to take the...
  5. J

    FIXED Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 596.75529400 fan/condenser running frequently

    Hello, I've been reading threads about similar issues but I haven't found a clear answer to what the issue could be on my french door/lower freezer appliance. I first notice an issue with it in July of 2019. One weekend, I noticed the fan was running all the time for at least 24 hours. The...
  6. T

    KSRG25FKST17 Kitchenaid side-by-side Diagnostic mode info

    I've been having to manually defrost the fridge about every five days. The freezer goes to -11 or so. Refrig is fine for about five days, then 39, 40, 42, 47 ... What happens is the water at the bottom at the drain eventually freezes over, the plug plugs up and then the fridge stops cooling. The...
  7. R

    KitchenAid KSRS25ILWH02 not defrosting

    I have a 17 year old KitchenAid KSRS25ILWH02 that is not defrosting. After thawing the evaporator coils, it stays cool for a couple of weeks, but then the frost builds up to a point it begins to warm again. I have entered the diagnostic cycle and confirmed in step 6 that the defrost heater...
  8. MFMauceri

    Sub-Zero Defrost Cycle / Freezer Not Freezing Issue

    I am troubleshooting my Sub-Zero 661 and before calling in authorized Tech (that is at least $1000), I'm trying to isolate the problem here. Unit had varying temperatures in Freezer. Some parts normal, some areas not getting cold (door compartments). Found evaporator fan/blade hindered by ice...
  9. T

    PGCS1RKZASS GE refrigerator getting warm randomly

    Our refrigerator is getting warm intermittently. Fridge gets warm and freezer mostly seems to stay working, although has warmed a little a couple times but we have not had to pull the food out of it yet (can’t keep perishable food in the fridge. The compressor seems to be working, as well as...
  10. G

    Goes into Defrost mode then doesn't restart--happened 2-3 times over last 5 months

    Discovered that my refrigerator not working when I opened the door and water ran out. This first happened 5 months ago. Plugged it back in and it worked fine for a month or so, then it did the same thing. Today it happened and I took the back off and blew out all the dust. I have it plugged in...
  11. J

    GFSF6KKXABB GE French Door Refrigerator - Temps in freezer will not keep things frozen

    First it started off that the fridge had water underneath the pull out drawers. Did a google search and found out the drain in the fridge section was stopped up. I took cover off the in the back (inside fridge) and it was frozen up, got it all thawed out and made sure drain was open. Everything...
  12. T

    Maytag Refrigerator - Freezer seems stuck in defrost cycle

    A couple of days ago, the freezer started humming, like the defrost cycle was on, and it has kept making that noise, and things have melted/thawed. This morning we turned the temperature setting all the way down to "-" to power it off, then back up to the recommended setting of '4'. It seemed...
  13. R

    Maytag Compressor/Defrost Problem

    A few weeks ago, my fridge (MZD2665HEB) stopped working. I noticed the dreaded buzz/click coming from the compressor area about every minute or so, but the compressor would not start. I installed a new PTC and the fridge started working again. However, I noticed that the defrost cycle occurs...
  14. J

    FIXED Auto Defrost Repair Question

    My refrigerator/freezer started getting warmer about a month back (SxS model). The evaporator coils were completely frosted over. I thawed them out and replaced the thermostat/heating element assembly. After 3 weeks, they frosted over again. I replaced the adaptive defrost control board...
  15. A

    Not your standard warm fridge/cold freezer problem..HELP

    So I have looked over about 100 different posts with the same problem I am having, but because of my crappy luck, no amount of troubleshooting seems to work. So, I have a Maytag Plus (MTB2156BEW) Freezer on top fridge that came with the house. It had been working great for us for 7 years and...
  16. M

    Defrost failing on Admiral GC2224GEKW

    Strange things with Admiral side by side fridge. Ice build up on the freezer coils which is then causing the fridge to heat up. Have had the heater element replaced and 2 new chip boards inserted. Total cost so far £250. The Engineer has also tried putting the freezer into timed defrost...
  17. D

    kick in the defrost cycle

    I have a 10 year old Whirlpool self defrost refrigerator(22 cu.ft.) with freezer compartment on top. The problem began with the refrigerator suddenly getting very warm 70 F. While the freezer temperature was below 30 F, the coils were 50% covered with ice and blocking air flow to the refrig...
  18. C

    Kenmore Trio Fridge warm, Freezer OK How I fixed

    We have Kenmore Trio Fridge 596.75502400 - nice looking, convenient, but has trouble staying cold. Sears replaced the compressor at 3.5 years then 6 weeks later the fridge warms up to 60 F but the freezer is OK. These are symptoms of a failed defrost cycle. This can be confirmed by removing the...

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