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    FIXED FFSS2614QS6A Frigidaire Refrigerator - Location of defrost tube?

    Hello Appliance Blog - I once owned a GE Profile SxS that iced up. I never could find the drain tube, so I cracked ice for years. Here I am, confronted with the same situation, but with new fridge. Ice floe in drain tray at bottom of vent in back of freezer overflows the lip and drips down to...
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    LRFD25850TT Water dripping from freezer bottom, French doors with bottom freezer

    I'm new to this forum so forgive me if my post doesn't follow the norm. The problem: A sheet of ice has formed on the freezer floor. During the defrost cycle, it partially melts and drips out through the bottom of the drawer. I removed the freezer food basket and disposed of the ice. This...
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    ART2127AC Amana top freezer leaking inside. How do I access the drain in freezer compartment?

    My Amana top freezer is leaking inside, dripping down into a top shelf during defrost cycle. How do I access the drain to unclog it? The bottom panel of the freezer seems to be difficult to remove without skinning the whole machine. Can I get to the drain by removing the evaporator coil assembly?
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    FIXED My Jenn-Air JCD2389GES defrost drain is clogged and will not unclog!

    My Jenn-Air JCD2389GES has been leaking water from the freezer for a while. My husband decided that it was the defrost drain that was clogged. I removed the panel on the back inside of the freexer, found the ice, removed the ice, and have been attempting to clear the drain for hours now. I can...