defrost issues

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    FIXED WRF560SEYM01 Evaporator coils freezing over

    Hi everyone, For awhile now the freezer evaporator coils have been freezing over and I've had to more than once take the panel off and thaw it out. I'm inclined to think it's the control board at this point, but I can't find a technical manual for my refrigerator to see where the control board...
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    KSRP25FNSS00 Freezer side of Kitchenaid side by side refrigerator intermittently warms up

    I have an issue with my KSRP25FNSS00 side by refrigerator. Twice in the last 6 months the freezer side has defrosted. At the same time, all the lights on the controller are out. All the lights in the refrigerator and freezer work. It reminds me of the old days with a mechanical defrost...
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    Inconsistent cooling/defrost cycles

    hi all having issues narrowing down fridge problem was having problem after defrost would not 'come back on' some of the time, or run too long/insonsistent intervals if it did. i have a friend who is a tech who came over, checked things out and diagnosed possible defrost system issues..... so...
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    FIXED Defrost cycle issue with my Kenmore bottom mount freezer Model 596.69283011

    I am having a defrost cycle issue with my Kenmore bottom mount freezer (Model #: 596.69283011). The freezer is working, but fridge gets warm. Even before this happens I can tell it is going to happen with extra frost on freezer items and really hard ice cream. Also I usually find some frost on...
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    Top freezer not defrosting after ALL three possible issues fixed

    Have a 12 year old GE top freezer refrigerator where the coils keep getting frosted over. In the last six months I have defrosted with a blow dryer many times and replaced parts as well. Defrosted it the first time when fridge wasn't getting cold and found info saying the holes were probably...
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    GFSF6KKXABB GE French Door Refrigerator - Temps in freezer will not keep things frozen

    First it started off that the fridge had water underneath the pull out drawers. Did a google search and found out the drain in the fridge section was stopped up. I took cover off the in the back (inside fridge) and it was frozen up, got it all thawed out and made sure drain was open. Everything...
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    Avoid adaptive defrost & expensive control boards

    Model Number: PNR2211GEFWW Brand: Sears Kenmore Age: Less than 1 year I have been told it is best to avoid new fridge with adaptive control? Any help with manufacturers to review? My Kenmore has lost refrigerant to a level where freezer only gets down to 18F loss sees sudden so no value in...
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    Defrost Issues and freezer temp

    The defrost does not work often enough in the summer with humidity and family opening frig door often. Works fine all winter. -I can manually defrost it (elec controls, has procedure in instructions- 5 min on, 1 min off, then 2 min on, 1 min off.) .... Is there a way to make it go into...
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    Whirlpool french door defroster not working

    where do i find the defrost heater and/or the thermostat in my refrigerator. Bottom mount freezer, French door refrigerator. Refrigerator warm, Freezer fine.e
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    Defrost thermostat - frosting of coils

    Not sure the age of my fridge but it is a GE Profile - model PBA18KBMAR... I have been dealing with defrost issues and have ran several diagnostics. The issue is frosting up of coils and heater not being turned on by thermostat. I had determined that my defrost thermostat was bad by bypassing...
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    Frigadaire SxS - defrost issue or something else?

    First off, thank you for this site as there are some great posts and plenty of knowledge here! Now, the issue is that my refrigerator has started to act up. I am pretty handy but not an appliance repairman! The fridge started to become noticeably warmer. So looked through and pulled back panel...