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    Kenmore Upright Freezer 253.22742410 ice buildup on bottom

    Hi there! We noticed ice building up on the bottom of our Kenmore upright freezer model 253.22742410 (manufactured 4-16) for a few months. Seals are good. We defrosted it completely twice, there are no clogs, but the ice will build up again near the bottom back in a strip leading to the drain...
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    Whirlpool 24" Refrig Model# WRT112CZJZ, Freezer Iced Over

    Freezer icing up...assume that means the Defroster not cycling on, which would typically be a Defrost Thermostat. This model does not have a Defrost Thermostat but instead has a Thermistor, which says 'not serviceable'. Fridge is only about 2 years old. Anyone know what the Thermistor part is...
  3. L

    KRMF706ESS01 Force Defrost

    I am using the service mode #38 to try to force a defrost. The service sheet says that I should see Of, So and Lo. But I can only toggle between Of and 5h. Is 5h = 5 hours or is it an error?
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    Missing plug for defrost thermistor?

    I have a Frigidaire French door refrigerator/freezer. It might be from the Gallery series? Model #LFHB2751TF3. It is a few months older than five years; just outside of the extended warranty. The freezer stays at setpoint, plus or minus a degree or two. The refrigerator is too warm. I've...
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    Kenmore upright freezer 970-240720 defrost problems

    Hi folks, hope someone can help me with a defrost problem. I have an older stand alone upright kenmore 970 series (Canada) it has an electronic control. It works well, cooling to -23C easily. My problem is that the door (seal appears fine) come ajar an over night, the temperature of the unit...
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    RF265ABPN Samsung refrigerator back wall iced up

    Hi I have a Samsung RF265ABPN refrigerator. The back wall is iced up and the refrigerator is not cooling to temp. Many years ago I had a similar problem where the lower drawer would get frozen in place from ice. I installed a wire extension from the heater down the drain tube to prevent the...
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    WRF736SDAM13 Whirlpool Refrig, Freezer / Icemaker Pt 2

    I am experiencing the same symptoms as I had previously ( however, when I get to the Bi-Metal test 6, I get a code of 01, and the heater is heating a frosty freezer. What would...
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    FIXED FFTR1821TD0 A perplexing riddle: EVAP fan goes on during defrost, off during cooling.

    My 18 cubic foot Frigidaire has the classic cold freezer warm fridge issue. I assumed it was the defrost timer so I replaced it. I also replaced solenoid and the temperature adjust thermostat. The evaporator fan works fine I tested it with direct 110 volts. When I turn the defrost timer advance...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WSF26C3EXF01 issues

    helped a friend look at their freezer last night.... from what I can tell there are 2 issues I could use pointers on.... 1 - Ice maker makes ice but doesn't dispense. I took a few things apart looking - once the ice maker is empty and out of the door - the auger (inside the ice bucket spins...
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    FIXED KitchenAid KBFS22ECMS00 Freezer not defrosting

    My French door KitchenAid refrigerator does not defrost on its own. The fridge is from 2014 and I bought the house with the fridge a year ago. I didn’t have any issues for the first few months, but then the back of the freezer started frosting up. The frost and ice blocked the vents and caused...
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    FIXED KRMF706ESS01 Freezer coils constantly freezing over, all parts test "OK". Other issues as well.

    Good afternoon, thank you for having this awesome forum. I've been fighting this issue over a year with no luck. I've got a KRMF706ESS01 that will consistently freeze the freezer evap coils. The first time this happened, we noticed noise in the freezer cabinet. It turned out to be the fan...
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    FIXED Kenmore (Daewoo) 111.73022711 Control Board Replacement- Part #-Also Manual

    August 2022 Hello everyone, I have the Kenmore 111.73022711, french doors, bottom freezer. Freezer cold, refrig hot. I exposed the frozen coils, manually defrosted. I downloaded the service manual, (THANKYOU). I suspect it is the...
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    Auto defrost not working - Whirlpool WRT148FZDW00

    I have a WRT148FZDW00 fridge, several years old. The auto defrost suddenly stopped working. However I can get the defrost heater to turn on in manual/diagnostic mode according to the service manual/sheet, by pressing the button in the fridge in the right sequence. So for now I have to defrost...
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    Electrolux Refrigerator EW28BS85JS8 -- Not Defrosting / Freezes Up Constantly

    Good evening all and thanks for taking a shot at this question. My 8 or so yr old EW28 french door series continually is freezing up then of course getting warm top and bottom. I initially found the defrost thermostat popped, so I replaced it and low and behold the defrost heater did come on...
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    FFTR1713LW Frigidaire freezer plastic melt

    Hello, What could cause the burn at top and behind the refrigerant tube in the freezer? Last night the fridge tripped the GFCI. Tried another GFCI (possibly on the same circuit) and it tripped that too. But when I tried a regular outlet for few minutes I started smelling burning rubber or...
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    GBS18KBMAWW GE Refrigerator Drain freezing after clean out

    Model GE GBS18KBMAWW Hello, After replacing a broken defrost element (non standard but compatible) and it was working great for a while until the drain started freezing up. I am flushed it with boiling water after thawing with hair dryer and it freezes up again. I took off the drain U bend and...
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    LG LSXS26326S/01 Freezer ICE buildup after heater coil replacement

    Hi Y'all! I've read a few forum posts, but none seem to fix the issue. Any help is appreciated. My refrigerator is 5 years old. Last month the freezer started building up ice on the evaporator coils and the Defrost Heater Error (dH F) error code appeared. From the forum I learned that it...
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    FIXED GE GBS18KBMAWW excessive frost/ defrost heater alternative part?

    Fridge: GBS18KBMAWW Thanks to this thread I found out how to test to determine why the fridge/freezer was getting so much frost: It has a new temp sensor but before I could test the...
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    KitchenAid ( Model KRFF305ESS ) Refrigerator Tripping GFCI When Defrosting

    My Kitchenaid 25 cu ft 36-width French Door Refrigerator is ( Kitchenaid Model Hyperlink ) Model KRFF305ESS. Recently the GFCI started to trip whenever the defrost mode was utilized. I replaced the GFCI, which was old, but the same issue persists. If I plug it in to a non-GFCI using an...
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    Can I bypass defrost in Hotpoint HTR16ABSHRWW and elect not to defrost?

    I own a Hotpoint HTR16ABSHRWW that is in a self built camping trailer and the fridge is only used 6-7 times a year. It is a top freezer unit. When in use the unit is on for 5-6 days at a time. The unit is off and unplugged more than 320 days a year. When on the unit is powered off a 2,000 watt...

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