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    NTW4516FW3 Amana Washer red flashing light

    I got a washer with a flashing red light with no start up no spin cycle got a E2 and F1 not sure its for a family i know that doesn't have much money for a new one.
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    WRS321CDBM00 Whirlpool Diffuser/Damper Opens and closes repeatedly

    I have a Whirlpool Side by Side WRS321CDBM00 refrigerator that is only 24 months old that is now warm in the fridge side, cold in the freezer and making popping noises every 10 seconds. I have tracked what was began as intermittent popping noise that started 3 days ago to now occurring...
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    FIXED Kenmore Washer - top loading, direct drive, motor doesn't drain/spin -hums-, but does agitate

    My Kenmore washer stopped after the wash cycle the other day, and instead of pumping out the tub, just sat there and hummed. I did the following: pulled the pump off of the motor shaft, and tried again (after bypassing the lid switch with a jumper). The motor still hummed when it came to...