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    GRFS2853AF Frigidaire Refrigerator - Very loud occasional buzz from Water Valve during diagnostic

    Frigidaire GRFS2853AF French Door, New. We are a scratch and dent store... this is one of our units in stock. Ran the diagnostic mode, test 53 - dispenser valve + main valve. About every 4th or 5th time, it makes a very, very loud buzzing noise. There is no water hooked up ... just testing...
  2. E

    FIXED GE GFE28HGHEBB Not holding the fridge temp. Freezer seems ok

    So, I have the GE fridge and it has been working well for years. Now, from time to time the fridge temperature gets warm, while freezer remains frozen. With temperature data logger, you can see how it varies (when set to 34). Sometimes for days on end temperature rises and remains above safe...
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    Can anyone help me find this 1990 ge side by side?

    I'll include a few pics but this is the one that had the diagnostic and monitoring system. I had one a couple years ago and had to let go because of moving and relocating. Would be interested in buying another one if someone has one or could help me find one. I missed out one one for $75 in...
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    FIXED WFW94HEXW0 error code F6E1 fixed, but service diagnostic mode stops at C06

    Hello everyone, Whirlpool Duet front-loading washer, WFW94HEXW0, recently died with error code F6E1. Service Diagnostic mode > Quick Diagnostic test failed consistently with this error. Just replaced MCU (saw that failed MCU circuit board has a power control IC that literally split in half!)...
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    FGEF3055MFE Frigidaire Range - Something blasted on electronic board, what's this?

    Something blasted from the back of the oven when turning it on. I can see clearly the electronic part that blasted on the back of the control board. Is that some kind of protection? All elements seams to continue heating conventional or convection. All elements on stove top seem to be working...
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    MVWX700XW0 Various problems with washing machine not working

    About two weeks ago, my washer seemed be having problems with the lid lock. I'd go in at the end of the cycle and clothes soaking wet. I would have to unplug the washer and manually put it in drain and spin mode. Now, when it's in sensing mode at the start of a load, it makes loud continuous...
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    KFIS25XVMS1 KitchenAid not cooling at all, and display lights up all blue

    Hello everyone, first time posting. After trying to vaccum out liquid from the tray beneath the fridge, my wife noticed the fridge was no longer cooling at all. Upon inspection, I also saw the front display quickly worsen from visible text at first to only a fully blue lit screen when you press...
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    Top Load GE WCSE4160B1WW high speed only, no low speed

    Have a washer machine that seems to only have the high speed. Trying to figure out how best to troubleshoot it and determine what the cause might be. Certainly, if it needs a motor, that's like $400 so probably not worth it, but if it's something like a switch or control board those repairs...
  9. A

    KUDM01TJBS malfunctioning

    My dishwasher recently began malfunctioning... I had started it and knew that it was mid-cycle, but my husband did not and opened it. This caused us to notice, when he closed it, that the rinse only light was flashing. Pressing the cancel button only caused the cancel/drain light to also...

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