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    Maytag Bravos ecoconserve MCT electric dryer Model MEDX700XL0 disassemble ?

    Hi, I have the electric dryer listed in title and it is not heating. It is either the heating element or the thermostat switch. I have replaced both of those in the past for the dryer we were using at the time. I am 60 years old so it has been many different dryers. LOL Anyway, I do not want to...
  2. M

    Kenmore 110.29732800 washer not draining

    Kenmore 700 series top load washer, model number 110.29732800 is not draining properly. The machine does spin and begin to drain but does not finish it, was thinking could be a clogged drain line but haven’t found a video of how to disassemble. Any help is appreciated.
  3. J

    Amana ACS3350AS0 - Disassembly help needed

    I'm trying to figure out how to get to the control board area and the ignitor area on my Amana ACS3350AS0 range. The range is calked in so I can't really pull it out (unless really necessary). The few screws that are exposed dont appear to fasten the two areas I am trying to access. Can't find a...
  4. L

    LDF8874ST We inherited this disassembled LG, and are having trouble putting it back together

    We picked up this dishwasher for free mostly I'm guessing because it was missing several parts and was pretty much completely disassembled. I've bought pretty much all the parts I think we're missing but can't find any repair guides, or even a picture of the put together bottom to go off of to...
  5. T

    KWCU205HWH1 KitchenAid Range Hood Motor is noisy

    What is the easiest way to take fan out from KitchenAid Range Hood ventilation from hood? When I turned on the fan (Range Hood), it works (look like working ) but some noise. I goes to web and it suggested to change fan motor...
  6. G

    Opening up Amana

    So earlier this year the washer stopped agitating and the basement filled with smoke. I want to deduce and repair the problem, however, I am not sure how to open up this particular machine. Every video and website online that says the instructions are for Amana 30 AW don't match my washer. The...
  7. B

    GE Hotpoint washer need manual to disassemble, how to remove front panel

    As seen from the title, I need to find out how to remove the front panel. I found my washer had drained the water from the load, but apparently did not spin because the clothes were drenched with excess water. I tried to turn it to spin cycle and heard it sound like it was trying to spin, but...
  8. S

    GE Spacesaver stackable washer fill hose access

    Hello, I have the same unit as pictured in this thread. I'm having trouble getting to the fill hose that attaches to the back of the agitator, near the top. The hose clamp prongs are in an awkward position that I can't reach with pliers. I've removed the washer lid and front panel. Is there...
  9. K

    FIXED 665.16632000 -- Disassembly

    I'm trying to get in past the screen and into the sump assembly of this Kenmore 665.16632000 so I can clean it out. Unfortunately the assembly is a bit different from the other posts I've seen (the Point Voyager style), and I haven't been able to get the screen off.

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