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    WDF760SADW2 Whirlpool dishwasher diagnostic mode

    I am trying to get my Whirlpool WDF760SADW2 dishwasher into diagnostic mode. The Tech sheet says press any three keys 3 times in order 123-123-123. The problem I am seeing is that the main keys to press are modes, "High Temp Wash", "Heat Dry", etc. When I try and press 3 of the mode keys in...
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    Flushed water heater, now Samsung dishwasher DW80M2020US/AA 00 won't work.

    This is about a Samsung DW80M2020US/AA 00 dishwasher. It is less than 3 years old. A few days ago, as a part of regular maintenance, I flushed my Rheem hot water heater for the first time (also less than 3 years old). Everything went well, and after the tank filled up again, I ran all the...
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    PBT860SMMES GE Profile Dishwasher Error E3

    Hello, So my GE dishwasher gives me error E3 after a cycle, and it only goes away when I disconnect power. I have tried replacing the heating element and checked that the water inside is hot. I am sure E3 is a heating issue. One thing to note is that I have a Rinnai water heater, which heats...
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    GE Dishwasher GDT535PSJ2SS circulation pump won't stay running

    I've had this dishwasher for 5 years and it's been giving me issues for the last year. A year ago, the water stopped getting warm/soap stopped dissolving, so I replaced the fill sensor/thermistor and that fixed it. Then I started getting the random beeping noises people on this forum have been...
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    GE dishwasher GDT655SSJ0SS water leaking below sump pump

    Hello, I have GDT655SSJ0SS GE dishwasher. Initially it was not starting. I followed some reset options and started the unit just fine. Somehow the dishwasher spray arm came off and the edges of the arm got burnt and water started leaking from below. I replaced the spray arm with a new one and...
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    FIXED GDF610PMJ2ES GE Profile Dishwasher no lights on door control panel.

    We have a GE profile dishwasher that all the sudden stopped showing lights on the door control panel. Holding the start and cycle select together will not go into service mode. I took the kickplate off and confirmed that there is 120 V at the main control board and we have a green solid light...
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    WDT720PADM3 Whirlpool Gold Series Dishwasher Leaking above gutter

    I have a WDT720PADM2 that started leaking out of the catch gutter on the bottom of the door. It seems this gutter catches the excess water between cycles. The vent above the gutter sprays water out between cycles and gets worse one the detergent is released. Please help
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    FIXED GDF510PGD2BB GE Dishwasher heater not working

    Heater was open, I installed new & it worked for one week. Stopped working. Heater ohms OK. In test mode, no audible relay click, no voltage to heater. Replace board. Still no relay & no voltage out. No faults in test mode. Is there something on these that can stop the heater from being...
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