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dishes not clean

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    FIXED Spray arms don't spin/spray GE Cafe Dishwasher CDT805P2N1S1

    Hello. I have a GE Cafe Dishwasher, model number CDT805P2NS1. It is about 3 years old. Recently, I noticed the dishes weren't getting cleaned, so I found and cleaned the filters per the owners manual, and that didn't help. I also noticed that occasionally the dishwashing pod was still in its...
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    dishwasher does not wash dishes

    the dishwasher goes through the full cycle: receiving water, heating the water, and draining the water. however, the dishes do not get clean because it appears that the spray arms do not deliver the water (i have left cups right side up to see if water gets sprayed, and they are empty at the...
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    Professional Advice/Opinion Needed on Whirlpool Dishwasher Operation

    This is not a request for repair help...yet! It is more of a question about the operation of a Whirlpool Model DU912PFGB2 Dishwasher. I need to know if this dishwasher is designed to clean dishes with food still caked on from meals. I have tried to research this topic, but do not find any...
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    GU1200XT not getting dishes clean

    I have a Quiet Partner GU1200XT that I bought from a neighbor that is not getting the dishes clean. It leaves food and a residue on the dishes. I checked the spray arms which seem to be fine. The water is getting very hot and the pressure in our house is very good. Last month I replaced the...

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