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    GE Dishwasher pump/motor WD26X10013 various models. $50

    I have a GE replacement dishwasher motor and pump for sale. I had installed this on my d/w earlier but ran into other problems and decided to give up and get a new dishwasher. So, this pump and motor is "almost new". I probably ran the d/w for 10 or so cycles trying to figure out the other...
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    GE Profile PDW9900L00BB Doesn't Drain Completely

    We opened our dishwasher after a cleaning cycle to find it was still "full" of water. Full in the sense the water was up to the door rim where any higher I would expect it to leak out. I got out the wetvac and removed the "top" water, removed the lower wash arm, wash arm retainer nut, and...