dishwasher not drying

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    GDT545PSJ2SS GE Dishwasher Not drying after replacing control board

    I am using GDT545PSJ2SS dishwasher and after 3 years it stop starting the cycle because orange light is blinking so it is do with faulty control board. So I have replace the control board with model WD21X24900. After replacing the control board I am able to start the cycle but it stop drying. Is...
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    FIXED GDF520PGD4WW GE Dishwasher not heating or drying

    GE GDF520PGD4WW not drying, i just replaced the heating element today (I don’t have a tester to check if to see if things are working), but just ran a test cycle without dishes and the heating element wasn’t even hot. I’ve only had this 2 years and before, I’d have to wait a little before...