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    FIXED Kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDS35FXSS8 - no power, can't find fuse location

    I have about a 5 year old Kitchenaid Dishwasher model#KUDS35FXSS8 that just stop working. No lights or power. Breaker in the electrical panel didn't trip. I've done a bunch of research online and think that maybe the dishwasher fuse may need replacing but haven't found the location of the...
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    JDB8700AWS3 Dishwasher Control board fails

    Hi, I have purchased this dishwasher five years ago. By now I have replaced the control board four times. The trouble I see is, it does not start. First time I have replaced the pump assembly, heater, and even the top panel, then I found out the main control board is not working. After that I...
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    Maytag dishwasher MDB7949SDZ0

    Maytag dishwasher will start a cycle but after 2-3 minutes, the timer will change and indicate that only 2 minutes are left in the cycle. Any suggestions?
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    MDB8959SAB0 Maytag Dishwasher water inlet steam rotted cabinet.

    Hi Guys, this is my first post and hopefully I put all the information needed into this post. My dishwasher is a Maytag MDB8959SAB0. I purchased it in 2012. I recently decided to replace my flooring and when i pulled out my dishwasher the side of the kitchen cabinet was moist and rotten. I...
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    FPID2497RF2A Frigidaire Professional dishwasher soap dispenser not opening

    Model FPID2497RF2A soap dispenser door not opening when dishwasher runs. I have tried different cycles, but it still does not open. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    SHE68M05UC/50 BOSCH d/w shorted no power

    Bosch Dishwasher SHE68M05UC/50 Hi, Dishwasher shorted/has no power: The house supply line (hot/ black) wire came loose from the terminal block (L) at bottom of dishwasher and contacted the metal terminal box that the block is housed in. This did not trip house fuse breaker. Shut power and...
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    KDTE334DSS1 Working but making noise

    My Kitchenaid dishwasher works but it is making noise. It used to be so quiet I wondered if it was even on. Now, it periodically makes a loud humming noise. I don't want to purchase a new pump and motor assembly if I'm not sure if that's the actual problem. It could also be the drain pump...
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    SHE7PT52UC/07 Bosch no power after replacing water inlet

    Hi, I just fixed an E15 error on my bosh dishwasher by replacing my leaky water inlet. I tested at rinse cycle last night to confirm it was working, then powered off. Today, I can't power back on. Makes me think I accidentally triggered the child lock, which is also the rinse key. I...
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    No lights - No Power IKEA Dishwasher IUD9500WX2 Whirlpool?

    Hello! Based on reading here and other sources across the internet I believe my Mom's dishwasher blew the thermal fuse. An IKEA Dishwasher model IUD9500WX2. The symptom is no lights on the controls located on the top of the door. There is also no response when pressing them. Normally when...
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    Maytag Dishwasher MDB7130AWW Dead

    My dishwasher quit working not powering up or anything I took the panel off on the inside and got confused on what to do next ....PLEASE HELP lol can’t afford a new one
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    GE dishwasher GDF520PSJ2SS beeping 3 times won’t start

    When I click start on the dishwasher it beeps three times, is silent for about 30 seconds and then beeps three times again. Help :(
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    Kenmore 665.16039402 Blinking Start Light after replacing control board and heating element

    Greetings, this problem originated with the flashing Clean light issue - performing the Heated Dry/ Normal Dry All LED diagnostics did reset it but then it would not reset, just blink Clean 7 times. Pulled control board and it was certainly bad (see below). I have done the following...
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    LTB 4M116 Dishwasher with no screen but error lights

    Hi Guys, Any help much appreciated. Dishwasher doesn't have a screen just buttons and lights. It seems to wash stuff ok, but after about an hour (approx) i get a flashing ON/OFF button with all four programme lights on (not flashing) I know there are F numbers for error codes but i have no...
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    Kenmore 665.16829 Unable to remove bottom filter/chopper guard. Need to clean under it

    The unit is leaving a lot of debris and film on dishes and I am sure this is the problem. I have removed the spray arm assembly, and got all of the hex screws out of the filter unit (WP8519553 is the OEM part#) but now I cannot remove that part. It appears to be held in place by the unit that...
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    FIXED KUDP02CRBS3 Kitchenaid Whisper + : Top Rack Not Cleaning

    Hi, The top rack of the dishwasher (Kitchenaid Whisper KUDP02CRBS3) is not cleaning. Here are some details - any help or guidance would be awesome! Part 1: > The dishwasher top and bottom was doing a diminishing job of cleaning the dishes. And got worse over time. > I took apart the filter...
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    DDT595SSJSS GE Adora - needs new control board already?

    Our GE Adora dishwasher is only 17 months old. A few weeks ago, the machine started randomly beeping at us several times a day and then, after about a week of that, the control panel just died. It wasn't the breaker, so we called a repairman. It was a $99 service fee to have him come out and...
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    FIXED PDT825SSJ0SS GE Profile dishwasher, control panel lights not working and non-responsive

    The dishwasher was bought in late 2016 and installed in January 2017. We had a snow storm today with power flickers throughout the day. The dishwasher was running at the start of the power flickers. We did not re-start it after the first power flicker. The control panel is now...
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    665.16039402 Kenmore leaking from bottom

    Hello, We have a Kenmore that has been leaking about 2 cups of water from the bottom front of the dishwasher for about a month. It leaks two times during a wash. 1) it starts leaking when the rinse cycle begins after filling with water and 2) it starts leaking when starting the wash cycle...
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    Hoover dishwasher doesn't always work

    Hi, I've got a Hoover HEDS 100E/S which is a Candy13.1 type dishwasher. I've bought it around 2014. It's a white 45cm / 18" wide dishwasher with 3 buttons (delay start, program, start) a main switch and an display that shows the remaining time of the cycle. The dishwasher needs to be switched...
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    Part Number Needed 665.15951793 Dishwasher Control Panel

    The "start" button on my dishwasher control panel has become unresponsive unless you take an object and really push hard against the button to actuate it. The control panel, the piece with all the wash option buttons and the start button, appears to have been discontinued - I cannot find a part...